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What is the full form of PSC

PSC : Public Service Commission

PSC stands for Public Service Commission. It is a central administration that is responsible for managing the exams that are conducted for jobs under different categories. Public Service Commission was set up under Article 315 to 323 of the constitution of India.

PSC Full Form

For the Union, this commission is known as Union Public Service Commission that conducts exams for recruitment to Indian services at the national level and higher Central services. For example, the IAS exam is conducted by UPSC every year. This exam is an entry point to Group A and B services.

Whereas, at the state level, this commission is known as the State Public Service Commission that belongs to a state and conducts exams for the recruitment of officers to state services and to provide suggestions and advice to the governor on disciplinary matters. Its members are nominated by the Governor.

The composition of the State Public Service Commission and the Union Public Service Commission is the same. However, the Jurisdiction of UPSC is much wider than that of State PSC. The UPSC exercises its jurisdiction over the entire country, whereas, the SPCS's jurisdiction can be exercised within the state.

The PCS exams of different states are known by different names, for example, Karnataka Administrative Services (KAS) which is conducted by Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC), Kerala Administrative Services (KAS) which is conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission (KPSC) and Provincial Civil Services (PCS) that is conducted by Uttar Pradesh Service Commission (UPPSC) and more.

The PSC's functions are mentioned in Article 107 of the Indian constitution. The article authorizes the PSC to recruit as well as remove public officers. The functions of PSC can be divided into two categories (a) Administrative and (b) Advisory.

The Administrative functions are focused on recruiting all Civil Services and posts that come under the Union Government or the State Government. It recruits through written exams and interview.

The Advisory functions include providing advice to the Government on all matters, such as;

  • Related to the recruitment methods and principles that are required to be followed during appointments to civil services and while promoting or transferring officers from one department to another department
  • Related to disciplinary matters that may affect Govt. employees
  • Related to temporary appointments, the grant of extension of service and related to the reemployment of certain retired servants
  • To provide advice on the matters that are referred to it by the President of India

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