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Pure.CSS Forms

Pure.CSS provides a very beautiful and responsive CSS for form designing. You have to add a class name "pure-form" to <form> element for creating a form.

Following is a list of CSS classes which can be used to create a form with Pure.

Index Class Name Description
1) pure-form It is used to specify a compact inline form.
2) pure-form-stacked It is used to represent a stacked form with input elements below the labels. it is used with pure-form.
3) pure-form-aligned it is used to represent an aligned form with input elements below the labels. to be used with pure-form.
4) pure-input-rounded It is used to display a form control with rounded corners
5) pure-button It is used to beautify a button.
6) pure-checkbox It is used to beautify a checkbox.
7) pure-radio It is used to beautify a radio.


Let's take an example to create a form by using the above all classes.

Test it Now


PureCSS Forms 1

Types Of Pure.CSS Forms

Following is different types of Pure.CSS forms:

  • Default Form
  • Stacked Form
  • Aligned Form
  • Multi-Column Form
  • Grouped Inputs
  • Input Sizing Form

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