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Pushpaka Vimanam 2021 Review

"Pushpaka Vimanam" is a movie released on the day 12th of November 2021. The movie's producer is Damodara; he is also the movie's writer. The producers of this movie are Govardhan Rao, Pradeep Errabelly, and Vijay Mattapally; they produced this movie under the name of "King of the Hill Entertainment and Tanga Production."

  • Meena Vasu is the music director of this movie.
  • The cinematographer of this movie is Hestin Jose Joseph.
  • Ravi Teja Girijala does the editing of the movie.
  • Neil Sebastian provides art direction in the movie.
  • The genre of the movie is thrilled comedy or dark comedy.
  • The movie's original language is Telugu.
Pushpaka Vimanam 2021 Review

Cast Members

There are six main actors and actresses with considerable screen time: Saanve Meghna, Geeth Saini, Kireeti Damaraju, Naresh, Anand Deverakonda, and Sunil.


Sundar (played by actor Anand Deverakonda) is a government school teacher in a local school in Hyderabad; he lives alone in a house near the school where he was a teacher. Recently, Sundar got married to Meenakshi (whose role is played by actress Geeth Saini), but on the wedding night, he asked about the virginity of his wife; from this, Meenakshi felt bad, and they stopped talking to each other for some time. One day Meenakshi made lunch for Sundar, then Sundar thought the quarrel was settled, but when he opened the lunch box in school, he got a letter in the lunch box. When he read that letter, he got shocked that his wife had eloped with her boyfriend (just after ten days of marriage).

From that point, he started pretending in front of his neighbors that his wife was still at home; he took milk by taking cover from the door while wearing bangles in one hand and made rangoli on the door by himself. He also tried to show his colleagues that he was all right, but one day, his colleagues asked him to meet with Meenakshi.

So, Sundar asks an actress Rekha (whose role is played by Saanve Meghna), to act as his wife for one day. But things went up and down, but they both managed to hide their secrets. Then after some time, he gets a call from his friend that he saw his wife with someone. Then Sundar starts searching for his wife everywhere but does not get a clue. After some time, he learns that his wife, Meenakshi, is dead. So, the whole story is about what happened to Meenakshi and how this is a comedy movie.


The director Damodar wants to show many things in the movie "Pushpaka Vimanam," he wants to show that falling in love is possible within just a few days of marriage in an arranged marriage. He also wants to show how a man is judged on the bases of his marital life by society, and he also wants to show how the moral policies of a woman can get hurt by just some words, and that can cause not only just a few harms but can also cause something worse. By doing all this, the director tried to add some comedy scenes to the movie; he thought this would bring a twist, but the movie lacked an interesting story.

As we know, Chittilanka Sundar is a government school teacher and just got married to Meenakshi; the plot of arranged marriage shows that Sundar might know about the favorite milkshake of Meenakshi, but in reality, he does not know much about her and it also applies to her. So, when she probably runs off with an ex-darling after a conflict, he tries to know more about Meenakshi; similarly, as we try to know her better or judge her, the movie shows the story as a bid to hide away the reality from the judgmental society around him. It transforms into a journey for him to know her better in her absence. The main problem here is that it additionally puts him (Sundar) in lawful difficulty before he settles with the situation.

Pushpaka Vimanam works hard to show how simple it is for misunderstandings to emerge when two individuals who barely know one another are put together and expected to make it work. The movie begins with a cheerful loner (Sundar) who wants to live a normal life but finds it difficult as he has to lie to his parent, neighbors, and colleague about his eloped wife; his life gets even more difficult when he asks Rekha (a short film actor) to act his wife and asks to improve the situation, but she makes the situation even worst. But Sundar's neighbor Hindolam (whose role is played by actor Harsh Vardhan), who wanted to be a music writer, would not quit asking Sundar about his wife, and even more, Sundar's headmaster gives him some trouble; this brings some joking humor to the movie audience will get to know that, this is all that this movie has to offer.

As the movie advances, different characters start to introduce to the movie, such as Superintendent Inspector Rangam (actor Sunil plays this role), and the theme of the movie gets tense and darker; even then, the director manages to show some funny scenes. This is the point where the audience can expect the "bomb" (metamorphically), so we can say that this plot twist will continue until the end of the movie. The story which was written on the paper was quite good; they wanted to show the story from both (Sundar and Meenakshi) points of view, but on screen, this plot was not good as it was in the script; the non-straight narrative that sees the layers of their story stripped back in not quite good as it should be; the writer had all the ingredients that can make this movie a success in the genre of dark comedy, but this turned out to be a mishmash.

Anand delivers a very good performance as a person desperately trying to overcome a situation in which he has been trapped, though he struggles to show emotions in some emotional scenes; still, he managed to carry the movie, which mainly revolves around his character. Saanve is a revelation in every frame she appears in - she is gorgeous, she is funny, and she can even dance like a professional. Geeth performed well in the role given to her, while Sunil and Naresh breezed through the roles given to them. Although Harsh Vardhan's character performed very well, which leaves the audience yearning for more, his acting is that good even though he was given a limited time on screen.

Review From a Technical Point of View

The movie's production values are decent and good enough, and the camerawork done by the director, Damodar, features well about the mindset and storyline of the movie. The music provided in the movie is quite good; one will give a huge thumbs up to the music, and the way the song is introduced to the storyline is noteworthy; the production plan and backgrounds used in the movie are also quite good.

The director Damodar has done quite good work in executing the movie, as he is also the writer; the main idea of the whole storyline is also good. He (director Damodar) executed the first half of the movie very nicely, but for the second half, the execution was not that much impressive as the first half. The director managed all the emotional scenes well in the final part, but how the investigation is done might have been displayed seriously. He had more space to make parodies; however, he did not.


"Pushpaka Vimanam" is a Telugu movie that shows the life of "Sundar," a government teacher who got in trouble. The storyline of the movie is quite good and rather interesting. The film's performances, cinematography, music, and sound design are praised, making it a memorable cinematic experience. You can consider this movie for your weekend if you are in the mood for an uncommon film with dark comedy, plenty of twists, and a decent crew.

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