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Putlocker Alternatives

Today, everyone enjoys movies and online series.75% of individuals watch at least one movie weekly, according to SoftwareBlade. So, free websites like Putlocker and its alternatives are well-liked.

Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker is a perfect destination for those who stream entertainment online since it gives users free movie streaming and downloads. We'll give you the top functional Putlocker alternatives.

Since entertainment is becoming increasingly digital, we are moving increasingly toward internet streaming, and no one has to watch TV on a set schedule now.

Because of this, streaming options continue to expand, with Putlocker being one such website for online movie viewers. Both free and paid websites are a part of our list.

What Exactly is Putlocker?

Putlocker Alternatives

The primary purpose of the well-known website Putlocker is to broadcast free entertainment materials, including movies, TV shows, and other streaming material.

The website, which uses the official website, was introduced in January 2012 and had significant popularity. Several ISPs have restricted access to the official Putlocker website as a result of the website's popularity (depending on where you are).

The service has been giving its viewers access to top-notch streaming material since 2012. Putlocker had up to 1.6 million visits every day between 2012 and 2016. But the Motion Picture Association of America quickly declared it a piracy risk (MPAA).

Putlockers alternatives

In certain nations, Putlocker could be restricted or even banned. Movie fans are constantly searching for the most excellent Putlocker alternatives. Several services like Putlocker claim to be secure and cost-free, but everyone knows the reality.

You must be very careful whatever websites you visit since choosing the incorrect ones might harm your privacy. As a result, we have put up a list of the top Putlocker alternatives for everyone.

1. WatchFree

Putlocker Alternatives

One of the first websites to offer free online streaming of movies and TV shows without registration is WatchFree. On its site, a list of top films recently released films and HD films are offered. A few notifications do somewhat distract from the experience.

2. FMovies

Putlocker Alternatives

On the website FMovies, customers may see and download hundreds of movies and TV series for nothing. In 2016, the website launched with a mainly attractive selection of video material, including TV series and Hollywood blockbusters. The appearance and user interface of Fmovies are friendly, and the website includes an excellent search feature that makes looking for a particular movie or TV show simple.

FMovies isn't just one website; it's a collection of websites that provide links and include media (primarily films, TV shows, and web series), providing users to view the content for free online.

The website has a lot of material for users to watch, just like any other movie streaming service. Many film genres suit individual viewers' desires, and films from other nations. Country-based movie options are available in larger quantities on FMovies. On FMovies, you may anticipate finding the newest releases.

3. Vumoo

Putlocker Alternatives

If you want to stream full-length movies and TV shows, Vumoo is an attractive option. There is no requirement to register, and the streaming quality is good. However, the information is not effectively arranged.

Movies and TV shows are the only two categories into which Vumoo has separated its media material. It is advantageous because it provides two streaming servers.

4. Crackle

Putlocker Alternatives

One of the most widely used streaming services for free movies and TV shows is called Crackle. It's one of the top Putlocker alternatives because of the accessibility of millions of movie and TV show categories.

A "free-to-use video entertainment network containing full-length movies, TV series, and unique content," according to Crackle's description.


Putlocker Alternatives

This website is an excellent alternative for Putlocker because it lacks pop-ups, adverts, registration, login, redirecting links, and utilizes three servers. As a result, should certainly be an option.

6. 123Movies

Putlocker Alternatives

One of the top Putlocker substitutes is 123Movies. This one is the most excellent streaming collection of any website on our list, which doesn't require registration. The website has hundreds of films, TV shows, Asian dramas, and animes arranged by genre, nation, and year of release.

If you are interested in this subject, you probably already know about 123Movies because it is a well-known website. This website may be the most acceptable alternative for satisfying your demand for Putlocker. The website's structure is engaging and features a green-and-white colour combination.

The website consistently offers entertaining material while maintaining users' convenience and safety. The website's homepage provides several ways to browse various topics.

The viewer has another choice beyond the movies due to 123Movies' main menu, which features Anime, TV Series, and Episodes. You may narrow the movie search to suit your interests using a list of all the necessary genres.


Putlocker Alternatives

On this website, you may watch HD videos of excellent quality. Again, there is no need to log in or download anything because the user interface is entirely ad-free. The movies are organized elegantly and based on their IMDb Ratings. Finding a movie or television programme you like is pretty simple.

8. Yesmovies

Putlocker Alternatives

One of the most well-liked Putlocker alternatives is Yesmovies, which offers a straightforward structure and user experience.

The viewers of the website may access a large amount of information. You won't have any problem finding your favourite content, and it features a contemporary but simple design.

The YesMovies website has a unique feature that lets users convert to dark mode for a more alluring midnight experience.

The website primarily offers the most recent movies and TV shows for streaming online. Along with a search box for numbers and letters, it provides a specialized search bar for searching for any film.

The website offers movies in various categories, including Mistry, Thriller, War, Animation, Documentary, Action, Adventure, and more. YesMovies offers access, and you may access the streaming website with only one tap on the movie name.

However, to watch the movie, you will need to see 5-10 pop-up advertisements, which is not ideal for the user experience. However, the content's quality is still relatively high, and YesMovies is a good Putlocker alternative.

9. YouTube

Putlocker Alternatives

The most widely used video streaming website in the world is YouTube. One of the most popular websites on the earth is it. The market leader in streaming provides thousands of free films in different genres.

Without registering, you may access free movies and television. You may choose a premium membership to skip the adverts that appear in between videos.

10. Solarmovie

Putlocker Alternatives

Solarmovie is one of the most excellent free movie streaming services available in terms of simplicity and ease of use. SolarMovie can provide a whole night of fun due to its extensive library of movies and TV shows.

You can search for the movie or television programme you're looking for by using its sections on movie and TV genres.

Another aspect that sets it apart is it is the country section, and the nation determines how the feature analyzes the film. By choosing the country name, you might watch movies from Asia, India, Korea, etc.

One will have no trouble watching their favourite material due to the streaming service's excellent performance. The website does ask for registration to stream the content, and to do so, you must have an email address.

11. MoviesJoy

Putlocker Alternatives

The website includes fewer advertisements than most free streaming websites and is often updated with new songs. Although there aren't many foreign films and dramas on this website, MoviesJoy covers them with a vast selection of US entertainment. MoviesJoy is user-friendly because of its pleasing design and layout.

12. Popcornflix

Putlocker Alternatives

On another website, there are no signup requirements. In addition to a sizable selection of well-known films, Popcornflix also has some fantastic treasures. This website is among the top Putlocker alternatives in movie streaming. It offers a wide range of film genres, so it's easy to pick something you'll enjoy.

Popcornflix takes pride in offering its consumers cost-free access to high-quality streaming video. The website's goal is to keep people coming back by selecting them.

Users are always given access to the most recent movies as soon as they are available. Users of Popcornflix get access to a lot of high-quality videos. However, it must improve its identification of the information already available.

Finding an excellent movie on Popcornflix among the categories provided will be challenging for a new user looking for a good film that captivates their interest. The website offers a single menu with three types total, one for the last three years and action and horror films.

13. Primewire

Putlocker Alternatives

One of the well-known websites available for free movie and TV programme downloads/streaming is Primewire. Its enormous content collection includes a wide range of genre-appropriate material. You can sort the display by release date, recently added content, country, and top IMDb ratings.

14. Los Movies

Putlocker Alternatives

Another fun, free streaming site with a wide selection of films and TV shows is Los Movies. Its extensive collection of material from throughout the world differentiates it from other websites.

There are countless foreign television programmes and films available in their native languages. The majority of foreign language media is accessible with subtitles.

The enormous number of pop-up ads that can be seen on Los Movies is its lone drawback. It is essential to first register for a VPN before visiting Los Movies.

15. Gomovies

Putlocker Alternatives

GoMovies may be well-known to those following the movie streaming industry for some time, and it is regarded as one of the most significant websites for online movie streaming. The brand GoMovies is well-known in the industry.

This website has an outstanding reputation for providing high-quality streaming video without charge while keeping users' convenience and safety.

If you are familiar with or have utilized 123Movies, you may know the calibre of GOMovies. GoMovies and 123Movies are connected, as the former runs all of GoMovies' content streaming facilities.

16. Afdah

Putlocker Alternatives

"Afdah is a web scraper developed to search and index online movie web pages," explains a statement on the program's official website. Afdah indexes videos and movies from the collected websites; it does not keep or upload any of them.

The website Afdah offers free movie streaming without registration or other restrictions. The website has a simple layout and a straightforward interface without any unnecessary or puzzling additions.

The website is accurate in its material and doesn't disturb the user from going around to get the correct streaming page. It offers neatly organized sections for various movies, including Thriller, War, and Sci-Fi, as well as Action, Adventure, and Animation.

Additionally, the visitor may locate a specific movie by the first letter of its title, whether it begins with A or Z. For the visitor's comfort, Afdah offers four servers for streaming each movie.

17. Watch Series Online - Good for TV Shows

Putlocker Alternatives

There's a considerable possibility that Watch Series Online will have the TV show you want that other website can't offer. The website has many TV series with whole seasons and episodes, but you won't find any movies here.

Several reflectors are available, so there is often at least one active link. If you're sick of watching your favourite programme many times, the "content at random" stream on the homepage is a great place to look for new content.

Also, the majority of programmes are offered in HD. The numerous advertisements we saw occasionally made it difficult for someone to watch.

18. MegaShare

Putlocker Alternatives

MegaShare's inclusion on our list is justified by the variety of services and content offered there. There is plenty of stuff on the internet, including movies, TV shows, anime, web series, etc., and it provides nearly all movie-finding options included in the Putlocker alternatives.

A few fantastic features that make MegaShare a whole package for individuals wishing to stream content include the ability to search movies and TV shows by every notable film and TV genre, movie selection by country name, year of release, alphabetic, IMDb top movies, etc.

Like many other websites, MegaShare is easy to use, so you shouldn't have trouble locating the material for you're looking. Additionally, the service offers 2-3 servers for smooth streaming.

19. 5Movies

Putlocker Alternatives

5Movies features a clear and user-friendly design while not having as large of a catalogue as Putlockers. In contrast to streaming services, 5Movies features a relatively small number of unwanted advertisements. It indicates no pop-ups every time you click, resulting in a more enjoyable viewing experience.

20. Soap2Day

Putlocker Alternatives

Soap2Day is a fantastic resource for satiating your need for high-calibre streaming material. As the names suggest, Soap2Day features the most excellent and extensive daily soaps. The appropriate amount of high-quality film footage is also included.

Additionally, it offers a distinct sports section covering the UEFA Champions League, NBA Playoffs, and FIFA World Cup. It indicates that it contains valuable information for both sports enthusiasts and developers of fantasy football tools.

We think the website has a gorgeous design. The website's light-coloured, essential, and delicate touch seems expensive. Like other websites, this one has a separate search bar.

The website does not include the type of genre area seen on other websites on our list, so searching is difficult. But on its site, there are two choices: Top Movies and Top TV Shows. The user is easily engaged with Soap2Day's user-friendly movie browsing interface, which has little advertising.

21. AZMovies

Putlocker Alternatives

It has a substantial quantity of film footage that covers the years 1948 to the present. On AZMovies, you can also explore by genre.

The streaming platform is also excellent. Each movie's streaming website is organized and simple to use; however, we didn't notice that each film had access to many streaming servers. Overall, it's a fantastic location for movie fans.

22. MovieWatcher

Putlocker Alternatives

A fantastic website for watching movies online is MovieWatcher, which gathers all movie websites for streaming in one spot after indexing other websites, including search engines and other movie sites.

It provides it without cost to its consumers. You may watch high-quality movies and TV shows on this website for free, and the website's design and content are both helpful.

Additionally, there is a section for TV shows. Movies from 2000 to the present are included in the section titled Years.

Alternatives to Putlocker for Premium Streaming Sites

1. Netflix

Putlocker Alternatives

The top streaming entertainment app in the industry is Netflix, which also appears to be the most popular.

There are millions of paid subscribers worldwide, making it one of the top online streaming services. You may use the app to find and view your preferred movies, original material, TV shows, and more.

It serves as a different centre for amusement for everyone around. You may download the software for free, but after 30 days of use with the free trial version, you must purchase a subscription. After then, various plans assess fees in accordance.

2.Amazon Prime Video

Putlocker Alternatives

Amazon's Prime Video is a video streaming service, and it is becoming more and more well-known daily now that the firm is presenting users with original material.

You may download and set up this app for free, just like Netflix on your smartphone or tablet. Its idea is quite similar to Netflix's, and the app offers a free 30-day trial period during which you may search its content selection.

3. CBS All Access (US)

Putlocker Alternatives

You can watch more than 10,000 episodes on demand with CBS All Access. Due to CBS, All Access allows customers more convenient live and on-demand access to their favourite shows from America's leading network.

Watch fascinating new comedies and dramas, catch up on fan favourites like NCIS, Madam Secretary, and The Young and the Restless, or learn about everything new. Gain access to channels including CBS, BET, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and others. Plans start at only $5.99 per month after a free trial.

4. Hulu

Putlocker Alternatives

For iOS and Android mobile devices, Hulu is a well-known online movie streaming app. It serves as a primary centre where those looking for entertainment may explore Hulu's original material, which is available only to subscribers.

In addition, you can also go through the many categories, including your favourite TV shows, live TV with more than 60 TV channels, live sports, live news, and much more.The app offers a specific news area where users can learn about the most current revelations in the entertainment sector.

There is a free trial package available for new users. After that, you must access the premium subscription plan, and the starting price is around $5.99 per month. Before choosing if the premium plan is best for you, you may try it out for free.

5. IMDb Movies and TV

Putlocker Alternatives

On this well-liked website, you may watch movies and TV series online and read reviews of films. The app is a central informational resource for viewers who can learn about the viewer's ratings, reviews, the plot, characters, etc.

You must enter the title of the film, TV programme, or TV series to receive all the key facts about that specific query. The app now allows you to view free full-length movies and TV series if you reside in the United States.

In addition, you can use the app to purchase tickets and learn more about neighbouring theatres in your area.


Here are the most acceptable Putlocker alternatives that we are referring to you. However, it is advised that you utilize these sites for streaming with precaution. Choose premium websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. Free streaming websites regularly change domains since they are frequently taken down.

Even though some websites may be secure at the moment, there is no assurance that they will continue to be so in the future. There is a chance that you will visit a fake or hazardous website that threatens the security of your data. While browsing these websites, it is advised that you make use of a trusted VPN.

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