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Python ascii() Method

Python ascii() method is used to get string representation of an object. This method takes an argument of object type and escapes all the non-ASCII characters from the string object. The signature of this function is given below.



object: object like list, string etc.


It returns a string containing printable representation of an object.

Let's see some examples of ascii() method to understand it's functionality.

Python ascii() Method Example 1

This example handles the non-ASCII value and prints its string representation.



Python ascii() Method Example 2

A string which contains non-ASCII chars will produce some different output for these elements. See the example.


'W\xa3lcom\xa3 to J\xe0v\xe0tpoint\xb6'

Python ascii() Method Example 3

If a string does not contain any non-ASCII character, it simply returns its printable value. See the example below.



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