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Python String rsplit() Method

Python rsplit() method seperates the string and returns a list. It splits from the right using seperator as a delimiter. If seperator is not specified, any whitespace string is a separator. This method does same as split() except splitting from the right which is described in detail below.

Note: if separator is not given, whitespace is treated as separator.



sep: A string parameter acts as a seperator.

maxsplit: number of times split perfomed.


It returns a comma separated list.

Let's see some examples of rsplit() method to understand it's functionality.

Python String rsplit() Method Example 1

This is a simple example to understand the usage of rsplit() method.


['Java', 'is', 'a', 'programming', 'language']

Python String rsplit() Method Example 2

Let's pass a parameter separator to the method, see the example.


['', ' is a programming language']

Python String rsplit() Method Example 3

The string is splited each time when a is occurred. See the example below.


['J', 'v', ' is ', ' progr', 'mming l', 'ngu', 'ge']

Python String rsplit() Method Example 4

Along with separator, we can also pass maxsplit value. The maxsplit is used to set the number of times to split.


['Java is a programming langu', 'ge']
['Java is a progr', 'mming l', 'ngu', 'ge']

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