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Raangi Movie Review

A headstrong woman is the title of the action thriller movie Raangi, which will be released in 2022 in the Indian Tamil language and is written and directed by M. Saravanan and produced by Allirajah Subaskaran for Lyca Productions. Trisha, Bekzod Abdumalikov, and Anaswara Rajan play the three main characters in the movie. The soundtrack for the movie was composed by C Sathya, and K. A. Sakthivel and M. Subarak, respectively, was in charge of the film's cinematography and editing. The movie opened in theatres on December 30, 2022.

Raangi Movie Review

Story of the Movie

Thaiyal Nayagi is a bold investigative journalist dedicated to advancing justice, equality, and democracy who works for an internet-based news source. A group of FBI and CBI agents saves her after she is found guilty of killing Police Inspector Krishnamurthy and is taken into custody by a special police task squad. A few weeks earlier, during a normal police check, Thaiyal encounters Inspector Krishnamurthy; she tapes him saying improper things, which she later puts online. Thaiyal resists the inspector's demands that he send goons after her in retaliation. Sushmitha, Thaiyal's niece, admires and supports her aunt and strives to be similar to her. She isn't aware that a college student who is threatening to make private recordings of her public is blackmailing her, though. Thaiyal confronts the youngster after learning that Sushmitha's name was used to create a false Facebook account that was used to communicate with boys. Thaiyal discovers the girl behind the false account was receiving messages from middle-aged males after gaining access to it. Under the cover of Sushmitha, Thaiyal tricks these men into going to a hotel room where he beats them and warns them not to do it again.

Aalim, who was among the men who texted Sushmitha, is revealed by Thaiyal to have missed their rendezvous. It is discovered that Aalim is a terrorist in Libya, and the US government has placed his group on its wanted list. After tying together a picture Aalim gave with some news video, Thaiyal learns this. Thaiyal requests a picture in order to locate Aalim, and when he does, it is of Minister Kumaravel Rajan engaging in shady business with terrorists. Thaiyal posts the image online, which prompts Indian officials to assassinate the minister. When Abu Farooq, Aalim's superior, learns about the picture, he makes Aalim tell where Sushmitha is. When Abu hears Thaiyal say she comes from India, he sends assassins after Sushmitha, however the assailants are captured by FBI agents. Abu gets ready to kill Aalim but is ambushed by the troops. Abu is briefly spared after Aalim saves his life. Aalim asks Sushmitha (Thaiyal) to make him a new texting ID before confessing his feelings for her.

Raangi Movie Review

Thaiyal texts Aalim about being detained one day by the vile Krishnamurthy. Without Thaiyal's knowledge, Aalim hires killers to assassinate Krishnamurthy. Thaiyal keeps talking to Aalim and finds out about his prior life as a terrorist from Libya. As Thaiyal begins to feel sorry for Aalim, she sends him photographs of her daily life. Thaiyal rushes to stop the meeting and is detained by the special task group while Aalim heads to Chennai to see Sushmitha. Thaiyal is compelled by the FBI to persuade Aalim to consent to having a conversation in Libya. With the agents, Thaiyal and Sushmitha travel to Libya. Aalim is thrilled to hear that Sushmitha has arrived in Libya thanks to a local taxi driver.

Aalim is unaware that Abu and his allies have a retaliation strategy in place and intend to kill Sushmitha, Thaiyal, as well as the accompanying operatives. Thaiyal, however, retaliates with ferocity. In order to safeguard Sushmitha, who is clueless of his identity, Aalim arrives and murders Abu's men. Although Thaiyal tries to assist Aalim in escaping, he is unable to speak her language. When Abu locates Thaiyal, the FBI officers shoot him to death. The agent's leader instructs his men to murder Sushmitha in order to bring out Aalim, who gives his life to save her. Aalim declares his heartfelt affection for Sushmitha as he takes his final breaths and gives her a talisman that she had previously given to a cab driver as a gift. Thaiyal is terribly saddened by Aalim's demise and expresses her grief. After that, she and Sushmitha safely return to India where she begins to write a book about Aalim's life.

Critics Review on Raangi

"Unexpectedly wonderful, Raangi is the perfect weekend action thriller," a reviewer for India Herald remarked. The Times of India's Logesh Balachandran scored the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars, saying "Raangi is surprisingly great, and it's the ideal action adventure for the weekend." Trisha had a strong performance as Thaiyal Nayagi, but it is puzzling to understand how she agreed to follow such a large number of problematic concepts, according to Janani K of India Today, who gave the movie 2 out of 5 stars. Rangi, according to Yuva Nandini of ABP Live, "is overall not only enjoyable but also thought-provoking." She gave it 3.5 out of 5 stars. "C. Satya's music is mediocre; the background soundtrack is also average," the critic for Cinema Vikatan remarked. OTT Play's P. Sangeetha gave the movie 2.5 out of 5 stars and the recommendation, "Watch it solely for Trisha's performance." Stalin "If you want to witness a sensational film, you then can go for enjoying Raangi," Navaneethakrishnan of the Hindustan Times remarked. The inadequacy of the scenes to adequately convey the essence of the story is felt until the end, according to Khalillulah of Hindu Tamil Thisai. Put this fast-paced thriller on your radar, according to Sakshi Post, who scored the movie 3.5 on a scale of 5 stars. The Indian Express' Kirubhakar Purushothaman graded the movie one out of five stars and said, "It's unfortunate that Trisha concludes 2022 on such a low note after an excellent return as Kundhavai in Ponniyin Selvan, which was released earlier this year." The film received a 1.5 out of 5-star rating from Avinash Ramachandran of Cinema Express, who commented, "Constant oscillation between insensitivity & wokeness simply magnifies the problematic elements of the narrative."

Cast Members of Raangi

S no. Character Name Portrayed by
1 Thaiyal Nayagi Trisha Krishnan
2 Sushmitha Anaswara Rajan
3 Aalim Bekzod Abdumalikov
4 Priya, Sushmitha's Mother Lizzie Antony
5 Police Inspector Krishnamurthy John Mahendran

Other Details about Raangi

Directed By M. Saravanan
Written by M. Saravanan
A.R. Murugadoss
Produced by Allirajah
Production Company Lyca Productions
Release Date 30th December 2022
Total Run Time 121 mins
Language Tamil
Movie Budget 15 Crores
Total Lifetime Collection 1.91 Crores gross Approx.

Audience Reviews on Raangi

Raangi Movie Review

"One of Trisha's best films, in my opinion. Before watching, I had no idea how much material the film contained. Before seeing this film, I had the following thoughts: Tisha doesn't seem like the kind of manly hero our film industry is known for. She is the Oh my god sorry after viewing this movie. She acted like him and had a manly attitude. OMG. Bravo, Trisha."

"Melted down a lot at the conclusion. I haven't sobbed that much after watching a movie in a long time. My tears were as intense as if I had witnessed the death of a loved one. Honourable mentions go to the writing and directing, and Trisha Mam's incredibly lovely and natural acting in the lead role. I will never forget Aleem's joy and love. His long-distance relationship was so sincere, and he described the fairness of his independence with such clarity. Aleem, in my opinion, deserved to enjoy a happy life. It is unacceptable to wage war in another country solely for financial gain."

"I am someone who is constantly arguing with colleagues about how stupid and repulsive Bollywood has grown to be with their movies, and I am always arguing for how the South Indian film industry is producing great content with powerful portrayals with low budgets and less recognition. At that moment, this movie was released. If you read this, keep in mind that we viewers are sick of seeing the same subpar material being offered under the pretext of a tight budget."

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