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Radhe Shyam Review


It's the age of big-budget films. And everyone's goal is to get people back into the cinemas. The creators of the 2018 film 'Radhe Shyam' have also claimed to have created an audio-visual impact in cinemas that has yet to be witnessed in Indian cinema.

The film 'Radhe Shyam,' which is said to have cost between Rs 300 and 350 crore, is based on the love tale of a famous European palmist. However, in a country full of poorly intended fortune seekers, the film appears to carry on a popular historical custom that has attracted attention from younger generations in recent years. Prabhas' 'Baahubali' film series has drawn the interest of viewers to such pan-Indian film, which surprise not only with the story but also with their presentation.

The film 'Radhe Shyam' is a new chapter in cinema that has the potential to surprise audiences; it will also put actor Prabhas' fame in Hindi-speaking areas to the test.

Radhe Shyam Review

Those who predict people's futures by glancing at their hands were previously common even on the streets of major cities' largest markets. The film 'Radhe Shyam' tells the narrative of a young guy who perceives the world via the lines on his hand. He is a distinguished carrier of an Indian tradition, and his international profile is fairly strong.

Then he has an idea. He is drawn to inspiration. It takes time for both of them to become good friends of each other.

Release Date

Radhe Shyam was launched in theatres on March 11, 2022. The film was originally slated to be released on July 30, 2021, however it was postponed because to the COVID-19 outbreak in India. Later in July 2021, it was stated that the film will be released on 14 January 2022, but UV Creations revealed in early January that the film had been postponed owing to the Omicron version.

It was revealed in February 2022 that the film will be released on March 11, 2022. The film was made available in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The film made 210 crores in pre-release revenue from the sale of theatre rights.

Cast Of the Movie

Prabhas did an excellent job in this film. He once again showed that he can be a one-man army for any picture. The most significant aspect is that Prabhas maintained his comfort level distinct while working on this project. In an interview, he stated that doing onscreen kissing moments was really challenging for him.

However, when it comes to Pooja Hegde's performance, she has taken on a different appearance in this film. With each subsequent picture, she grows. She has emerged as a biggest supporter of Prabhas in the film. Along with these two stars, the film included Sachin Khedekar, Priyadarshi Pulikonda, Bhagyashree, Murali Sharma, and Kunal Roy Kapur.

The role of all these actors was important in this film and everyone played their role in the best way.

Story of The Movie

The narrative takes place in 1976. Vikramaditya (Prabhas) is known as the Nostradamus of India because he can predict someone's future by looking at his hand. Normally, astrology is depicted in films in a dhoti-kurta fashion, whereas Vikramaditya of 'Radhe Shyam' flirts with females, drinks alcohol, and visits bars. He claims that he does not have a love and marriage line in his palm.

On a train, Aditya and Prerana have been requested to read the palm of a stranger's daughter, Tara, an aspiring archer. He believes she has no future in athletics and should instead concentrate on her schooling. Everyone in the coach is impressed by Aditya's ability and requests forecasts by revealing their palms, but Aditya reluctantly sits down with Prerana. However, he soon realizes that everyone aboard the train is destined to death. He follows the train in an attempt to halt it, but in vain.

Later that evening, the train is involved in an accident, resulting in multiple casualties. Prerana, who is beginning to believe in palmistry, requests that Aditya read her palm.

He anticipates that she will have a long and prosperous life, but she faints instantly with a bleeding nose. Prerana is admitted to the hospital, where her uncle, also a doctor, informs her that she has an inoperative tumour and may die within months. Aditya objects since he predicted otherwise, but he gets driven out of the hospital.

Prerana is now optimistic about her future. Her uncle, on the other hand, feels Aditya is fraudulent and that only medication can save her life. He tests Aditya with five passed away people's palms, and Aditya accurately concludes all of them. Her uncle reconsiders and believes Aditya's forecast. When a treatment for Prerana's condition is discovered, she proposes to Aditya.

However, he rejects her, explaining that he cannot love her since he lacks a "love line" and would be leaving the country shortly. Depressed, Prerana tries suicide until she discovers Aditya's diary. She discovers that Aditya was willing to give his life to save her.

Aditya brings Prerana to a ballroom dance as per her request before departing, and the couple spends the night together. Prerana writes in her diary that if such a circumstance comes, she would rather give up her life. She willingly meets a car accident and is admitted to the hospital.

Aditya, who is in London for his mother's dance performance, reads Prerana's words in his diary. He contacts the hospital and is surprised to learn that condition of Prerana. He encourages Prerana to live and promises to see her soon. When Aditya is struggling with his prediction, he encounters Tara, who has lost her hand in the tragedy. She informs Aditya that because she no longer has a palm, she may decide her own fate. Aditya, who is now desperate to meet Prerana, joins a cargo ship bound for Italy, commanded by someone he met in the hospital. The ship, however, is trapped in a storm at sea, and everyone abandons ship on the captain's instructions. Aditya, on the other hand, is alone on board the ship.

Aditya strives to live in the face of nature's might. He recalls his guru's claim that palmistry is only 99% correct, and there is 1% of the people script their own fate.

He utilizes all of his power to reach a high point and shoots a flare gun, eager to survive. The captain comes back, carrying a lifeboat. The ship sinks, but Aditya, who is still afloat.

Later, Aditya comes to the hospital and reunites with Prerana, who has recovered. Aditya makes a proposal to Prerana, and she agrees. Tara's paralympic archery achievement by winning it and Aditya and Prerana's marriage conclude the film.

Review of the Movie

Complete visual treat that fits the era. Production Design and DOP deserve high scores. The lead pair's performance is superb. Both performed admirably in their respective roles. The chemistry was there, and both performed maturely. Prabhas has come a long way since Saaho. For the first time, audience saw Pooja Hegde with a broad storyline that had action as well as glamorous parts.

Songs and lyrics are excellent and situational. The direction has a lot of room for growth to match the elevation provided by the music, but it is undoubtedly an important milestone for Telugu/Indian epic cinema. Someone had the foresight to take this massive risk after Bahubali or Rajamouli. They get full points for bravery.

The music score and amazing effects are worth 5 stars on their own. By far the best movie I've ever seen (in any genre), and viewers got to spend two hours of life watching it. It's incredible, and the final images were heartbreaking, as if anyone can witness the same occurrence that occurred in 1976. This didn't feel like a movie or a romance, but rather a real-time film of everything that happened on that fateful day, excellent work. No matter how many times you see it, it will always feel fresh and thrilling. Congratulations to Prabhas and Pooja Hegde for making such an excellent film that will be enjoyed by many.

While there are certain sequences that aren't up to par (comedy scenes in the hospital, Bhagyashree's role and characterization unsatisfactory, captain's role/characterization foolish, the rainbow scene looked illogical. The movie has some highly interesting, eye-catching components.

The team executes on a huge scale. They should be quite proud of themselves. Handling this scale is no laughing matter. The direction, screenplay, and editing was not up to the mark. The movie moves at a moderate to medium speed, which you'll get used to after a while and I thought the tempo was appropriate for this European classic love story.

As per the review, the audience has liked the performance of Prabhas. He has mastered the handling of large-budget films. Overall, as per the audience review, it was fascinating and entertaining. In fact it is a must watch with the whole family.

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