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Ranga Maarthanda Review


Raghava Rao, a well-known stage artist who retires to spend more time with his family, is the subject of the devastating family drama 'Ranga Maarthanda', which is directed by superstar Krishna Vamsi and stars Nana Patekar. The story revolves around Raghava Rao's struggle to adjust to his new reality, his selfish family members, and his past glory days on stage. The motion picture 'Ranga Maarthanda' premiered in theatres on March 22, 2023. On April 7, 2023, it was made accessible for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


After receiving the title 'Ranga Maarthanda' for his outstanding performances, Raghava Rao (Prakash Raj) resigns from the stage in order to spend more time with his family, which includes his wife Raju Garu (Ramya Krishnan) and kids. Their children are Rangarao (Aadarsh Balakrishna) and Sri (Shivathmika Rajashekar). While Sree marries Rahul (Rahul Sipligunj), Rangarao marries Geeta (Anasuya Bharadwaj). Raghava Rao gives all his money and property to his children, making sure that his wife and he are taken care of. In this chapter of his life, Raghava Rao does experience a few surprises, the biggest of which is that his children did not treat him with the same respect and affection he had offered them.


In order to spend more time with his family, Raghava Rao (Prakash Raj), a well-known theatre artist who has ruled the stage for decades, decides to retire at the top. Despite his good intentions, he has a difficult time adjusting to the new reality due to the shifting surroundings, his self-centered family, and his former glory days on stage.


'Ranga Maarthanda', which was directed by superstar Krishna Vamsi and featured Nana Patekar, was a successful translation of the Marathi film 'Natsamrat', which was based on a play by playwright Kusumagraj. The film was effectively adapted to Telugu tastes by Krishna Vamsi, who did an excellent job. The movie presented the struggle of an actor who was unable to progress above his peak while also showing a heartbreaking family tragedy that lingered and caused viewers to pause and reflect. The opener, a tribute to the "actor", Nenoka Natudni, which includes a visual montage of Telugu performers from the past to the present with Chiranjeevi's narration, adds a special touch and a nice recollection. By paraphrasing notable English and Telugu playwrights, the movie reiterates the proverb "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" throughout its plot.

Ranga Maarthanda Review

For his decades of theatrical achievements, Raghava Rao receives honorific titles such as "Ranga Marthanda" (the king of the theatre) and "Bangaru Kankanam" (a gold bracelet), as well as the support of applauding audiences and a proud family. The current pop sensation, however, shocks everyone by announcing that he is quitting the stage to spend more time with his family. The master actor's achievements are successfully established with grandeur and a certain amount of pride, and they operate as a benchmark for what comes next. With its various layers and complex characters, the story offers a commentary on the changing structure of family and society.

As his wife Raju Garu (Ramya Krishnan), to whom he is devoted, agrees and argues with him, Raghava Rao's worldview may trigger a range of emotions that may be challenged. The couple's two children are named Rangarao (Aadarsh Balakrishna) and Bangaram (Shivathmika Rajashekar). Rangarao marries Geeta (Anasuya Bharadwaj), whilst Bangaram marries Rahul (Rahul Sipligunj). These characters have a broad appeal and are subtly refined in construction. Ali Reza's Siddhu has a key role, and Satyananda, played by Satyananda, an acting teacher, has the chance to show his real life.

The cast gives outstanding performances, raising the quality of the film. Prakash Raj and Brahmanadam, who have long been praised for their remarkable acting skills, are successful in this film. Both their verbal and nonverbal communication skills are at their best. The audience must be alert for a scene in which each character references and imitates dialogue from a play they once performed in their prime.

The masterful "navarasas" of Brahmanadam and Prakash Raj enthrall the listener on an emotional level. With her brilliance, Ramya Krishnan effectively adds to the mixture. Shivathmika is a welcome surprise whose acting powers utterly astound everyone. The peculiarity of Rahul Sipligunj's Telangana dialect and his animated conversations provide for a few rib-tickling moments.


The film's story is a commentary on the shifting nature of family and society, with characters like Rangarao and Bangaram, who are shown as self-centered children not caring for their father as much as they should. The film's superb performances, including masterful "navarasas" by Prakash Raj and Brahmanadam, make it a captivating and emotional experience. Although the cinematography is passable, the editing could be stronger. 'Ranga Maarthanda' is a compelling family story that will hold the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression despite its weaknesses.

Despite its shortcomings, this compelling family drama will captivate viewers and stick in their minds. It might require greater commercial allure. Two performers, Brahmanandam and Prakash Raj, produced performances to remember and worth a watch.

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