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React Native Text Input

TextInput is the fundamental component to input text. It has several props which configure the different features, such as onChangeText that takes a function and call it whenever the text changed. The onSubmitEditing prop takes a function, which is called when the text submitted.

There are several things, which can be performed with text input, such as validating the text inside while user types.

React Native TextInput Example 1

In this example, we create a TextInput and perform an onChangeText action. At every text change, it calls the setState and checks the condition of a split. If the input text found ' ' space, it displays '🍕' in the text. The text is placed in state as it is changed every time.


React Native Text Input React Native Text Input

TextInput properties

allowFontScaling autoCapitalize autoCorrect autoFocus
blurOnSubmit caretHidden clearButtonMode clearTextOnFocus
contextMenuHidden dataDetectorTypes defaultValue disableFullscreenUI
editable enablesReturnKeyAutomatically inlineImageLeft inlineImagePadding
keyboardAppearance keyboardType maxLength multiline
numberOfLines onBlur onChange onChangeText
onContentSizeChange onEndEditing onFocus onKeyPress
onLayout onScroll onSelectionChange onSubmitEditing
placeholder placeholderTextColor returnKeyLabel returnKeyType
scrollEnabled secureTextEntry selection selectionColor
selectionColor selectionState selectTextOnFocus spellCheck
textContentType style textBreakStrategy underlineColorAndroid

The method .focus() and .blur() are exposed from the native element. These methods focus or blur the TextInput programmatically.

Multiline TextInput

The multiline props provide facility to input multiple lines of text. Some props of TextInput are only compatible with multiline, for example, multiline={true/false}. The property borderButtomColor will not work if multiline = false.

React Native TextInput Example 2


React Native Text Input React Native Text Input
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