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Difference between ReactJS and React Native


ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library that is used to build a user interface for Web Applications. It is responsible only for the view layer of the application. It provides developers to compose complex UIs from a small and isolated piece of code called "components." eactJS made of two parts first is components, that are the pieces that contain HTML code and what you want to see in the user interface, and the second one is HTML document where all your components will be rendered.

React Native

React Native is a JavaScript framework used for developing a real, native mobile application for iOS Android, and Windows. It uses only JavaScript to build a cross-platform mobile application. It is like React, which uses native component rather than using web components as building blocks.

ReactJS Vs React Native

ReactJS and React Native
SN ReactJS React Native
1. Initial release in 2013. Initial release in 2015.
2. It is used for developing web applications. It is used for developing mobile applications.
3. It can be executed on all platforms. It is not platform independent. It takes more effort to be executed on all platforms.
4. It uses a JavaScript library and CSS for animations. It comes with built-in animation libraries.
5. It uses React-router for navigating web pages. It has built-in Navigator library for navigating mobile applications.
6. It uses HTML tags. It does not use HTML tags.
7. It can use code components which saves a lot of valuable time. It can reuse React Native UI components & modules which allow hybrid apps to render natively.
8. High security. Low security.
9. In this, the Virtual DOM renders the browser code. In this, Native uses its API to render code for mobile applications.

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