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Redis Commands

Redis commands are used for performing some operation on Redis Server. You must have a Redis client to run Redis command.

Redis Commands 1

Start Redis Client

To start Redis client, first go to "Program files" where Redis is installed. Open the folder Redis and click on the "redis-server.exe".

Redis Commands 2

After that, click on the Redis client. You will see this:

Redis Commands 3

Now, you are connected with local server and you can run any command.

Let's write a command "PING". If it returns a response "PONG" that means you are connected.

Redis Commands 4

Run Commands on the Remote Server

You can also connect to another server by using redis-cli command on windows command prompt:


Redis Commands 5


Let's take an example to see how to connect to Redis remote server. Open command prompt and run the following command:

Redis Commands 6

Now the Redis port is open. You can use the "PING" command to check if it is connected.

Redis Commands 7

Now you can see that the remote server is connected to Redis.

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