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Redis vs Elasticsearch

Comparison Index Redis Elasticsearch
Introduction Redis is in-memory data structure store, used as database, cache and message broker Elasticsearch is a modern search and analytics engine based on Apache Lucene
Primary database model Key-value store Search Engine
DB-Engines Ranking Score120.41 Overall Rank #9 Rank in Key-value stores #7 Score 120.00 Overall Rank #10 Rank in Search engines #1
Technical documentation¬documentation¬guide/¬index.html
Developed By Salvatore Sanfilippo Elastic
Initial release 2009 2010
Current release 4.0.2, September 2017 5.6.1, September 2017
License info Open Source info Open Source info
Cloud-based info no no
Implementation language C Java
Server operating systems BSD Linux OS X Windows All OS with a Java VM
Data scheme schema-free schema-free
Typing partial yes
XML support no
Secondary indexes no yes
SQL no no
APIs and other access methods proprietary protocol Java API RESTful HTTP/JSON API
Supported programming languages C C# C++ Clojure Crystal D Dart Elixir Erlang Fancy Go Haskell Haxe Java JavaScript (Node.js) Lisp Lua MatLab Objective-C OCaml Perl PHP Prolog Pure Data Python R Rebol Ruby Rust Scala Scheme Smalltalk Tcl .Net Clojure Erlang Go Groovy Haskell Java JavaScript Lua Perl PHP Python Ruby Scala
Server-side scripts Lua yes
Triggers no yes
Partitioning methods Sharding Sharding
Replication methods Master-slave replication yes
MapReduce no no
Consistency concepts Eventual Consistency Eventual Consistency
Foreign keys no no

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