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Renuka Panwar

Renuka Panwar

Renuka her Nickname is Shalu. She is a 19 years old Indian singer, lyricist, model, and musician. She is very popular in the Haryanavi Music industry. Renuka has given her voice to both Haryanvi and folk songs. Renuka is very popular for her songs in Haryanvi music "52 Gaj ka daman", "Unchi Haveli", "Chatak-Matak", "Sun Soniyo"," Jaat Gelya Yaari", "Sona babu" and many more, She is basically from Bagphat, Uttar Pradesh, In 2018 she starts her singing career in Music.

Since her childhood, she loves dancing and singing Renuka take part in their school dancing competitions. Renuka was very talented they also selected an Indian famous dance reality show on star plus Indian best dancing star but their parents do not allow her to participate in this show they do not support her in their dancing and singing career but after sometime when their parents saw her first video "Sun Soniyo" they realised she was so talented and they supported her in singing then Renuka started focusing more on singing rather than dancing.


Renuka was born in Kehkada on 29 April 2002 near Baghpat city of Uttar Pradesh.

Family Details:

Renuka was born into a Hindu Rajput Haryanvi Family her father's name is Virendra Singh and he is a government employee and her mother's name is Santosh Devi and she is a house maker. She also has elder brothers Sagar Panwar and Vijay Panwar(Vicky). Their brothers manage all their management work.

Education Details:

Renuka completed her primary schooling at Vidya Niketan School, In Uttar Pradesh after that she enrolled In Mahamana Malviya Degree College which is also located in Uttar Pradesh.


Since her childhood, Renuka was very interested and active in dancing and singing, and she wants to become a singer. She always took part in school dancing competitions and events. In 2017 she recorded her first song "Sun Soniyo" directed and produced by Pradeep Soni Music Company at that time Renuka was just only sixteen years old and she was in the 10th standard of the school. Her song was being hit and was trending on youtube and got more than 100 million views on youtube and became very popular and loved by the audience.

This song brought her so much fame but she was more popular in Uttar Pradesh and especially in Haryana. After her first success when their parents saw Renuka was growing in that field and they also started supporting her and she never looked back after her first success. She also said that this song is the first step toward success in her journey. After that when she gained popularity in the youth and started working on many Hindi and Haryanvi music albums. Some of her famous songs are 52 Aaj ka daman, Chatak Matak, Chhan Chhan, and many more.


Renuka loves singing and dancing but apart from this she also likes travelling and photography. In an interview, Renuka said that she likes to take pictures of every moment she enjoyed and also likes to travel across India and the world.

Favourite Things of Renuka:

Favourite colour: Renuka's fav colours are white, pink and black.

Favourite Player: Renuka's fav player in cricket is Virat Kohli. She said in an interview that she likes Virat because of his cuteness and charm.

Favourite Sports: Renuka likes cricket in sports.

Favourite Actress: Renuka likes the Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt and she also likes Haryanvi Dancer Sapna Chaudhary.

Favourite Actor: In an interview, Renuka said that she likes Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Govinda. She likes their films very much and she also likes Punjabi singer and actor Diljit Dosanjh.

Favourite singer: Renuka's favourite singers are Lt. Lata Mangeshkar, and Bollywood singer Jubin Nautiyal and she also likes Punjabi music industry singer B-Praak.

Favourite place: Renuka's favourite place in Kashmir. She said that she likes the mountains and hills station of Kashmir. During her schooling, when the summer holidays were held, she always went to Kashmir.

Favourite Food: Renuka's favourite foods are pizza, ice cream and chocolates.

Some facts about Renuka Panwar:

  • Renuka was born and grow up in Khekada, Baghpath in Uttar Pradesh.
  • She sang more than a dozen songs so far.
  • Renuka has played Sapna Chaudhary's character in the album Vidaai and she also met Sapna Chaudhary during a show.
  • Renuka was very famous in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.
  • She is very active on social media platforms. She attracts an audience by regularly posting her videos and reels on Instagram, the audience also liked her dancing videos and Renuka gets thousands of comments on her reels.
  • Renuka was very popular on social media and she has more than seven-lakh followers on Instagram.
  • Her song "52 Gaj ka daman" was very popular and they got more than 1.4 billion views on Youtube. Her song was also included in the Top 15 Billion views songs watch in India.
  • According to the media sources her net worth is approximate 1 crore.

Songs of Renuka Panwar:

Renuka started her singing career in 2017 when she was in her class 10th and at that time she was just 16 years old.

These are the list of songs that were sung by Renuka:

  • In 2017 Renuka sang her first Hindi song "Sun Soniyo" when she was in her class 10th, she recorded her song with Pradeep Sanu who is also a singer, on youtube her song was popular among the people get a massive hit and after this song, she made her own identity among youth and this song got more than 125 Million views on youtube.
  • In 2019, Renuka sang a religious song "Bal-Gopala" and this song get more than 3 lakhs views on youtube.
  • In 2019, Her Haryanvi song was launched "Unchi Haveli" which was also a massive hit. On youtube, this song got more than Two-Lakh views and Hit among the audience.
  • She sang many Haryanvi songs "Hello Kaun", "Beauty Parlour", "Koi Milgaya" and many more.

100 Million Views Songs of Renuka:

  • In 2017, when she started her singing career as a singer her first song "Sun Soniyo" get More than 100 Million views on youtube.
  • In 2019, when she was doing good in singing and her song "Unchi Haveli" was launched and got more than 220 Million views on Youtube.
  • In 2020 Renuka launched her New Haryanvi song "Chatak-Matak" labelled by Vats music. This song got more than 840 Million views on youtube.
  • In 2021 Renuka comeback with her record-breaking Haryanvi song "52 Gaj ka Daman" this song created a record in the Haryanvi music industry for becoming the first song to get more than 1.4 Billion views on youtube and went crazy among the audience. This song was trending in the music industry and on Instagram people will make thousands of reels. And after some time her new song "Kabooter" was launched which is also very popular and got more than 165 Million views on youtube.

Furthermore, in 2022 Renuka launched her six Haryanavi songs. The first one is "Jhanjhar" sung by Renuka and Uk Haryanvi and this song got more than 1 million views on youtube after her new song "Bahu Mol ki" launched in March 2022 sung by Renuka and Tarun Panchal which is also a Haryanvi singer. And this song got more than 10 million views on youtube and after that, she launched another song again in march with Sapna Chaudhary "Lal dupatta". This song is also loved by the audience and this song gets more than 8 Million views on youtube.

In April she came up with her song "Laung Laachi" this song was a remake of the Most popular Punjabi song Laung Laachi sung by Ammy Virk. Renuka's song laung laachi in the Haryanvi version gets more than 6 million views on youtube. And recently she launched her new song sung by Renuka and Gagan Haryanvi, who is also a Haryanvi singer and this song gets more than 5 Million views on youtube. In June 2022, another song came "Dj Pai Matkungi" and this song gets more than 7 million views in just three weeks.


Renuka is now growing in the music industry everyone likes her song because she makes her songs in unique and traditional ways that's why everyone loves their song.

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