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RichFaces Features

  • JSF Integration
  • Error handling
  • Resource Loading
  • Processing Management
  • Skinability
  • Component Development Kit
  • Ajax components

JSF Integration

The RichFaces is an advanced UI component framework which is easily integrating Ajax capabilities into JavaServer Faces application. RichFaces mainly designed to integrate with JSF so that we can easily create user interface.

Error Handling

RichFaces allows standard handlers to be defined for processing different application exceptions. Although JavaScript is provided default, we can execute custom JavaScript when the exceptions occur.

Resource Loading

The RichFaces provides a standard JSF resource handling in order to achieve resource optimization, resource mapping and resource dependencies of JavaScript and CSS.

Processing Management

RichFaces provides components that manage the processing of information, requests, and updates. Some important component are <a4j:queue>, <a4j:log> and <a4j:status>.

These components provides to process information and log also.


It consist of a small, generalized set of font and color parameters that can be applied to multiple different styles. It avoids repetitive coding and duplication in CSS files. CSS files are not completely replaced. skins work as a high-level extension to standard CSS.

Component Development Kit (CDK)

The CDK is used to speed up RichFaces components development. It avoids lots of similar configuration elements.

CDK uses its own RichFaces CDK naming conventions for classes, components and tags.

Ajax components

RichFaces library provides Ajax Action Components <a4j:commandButton>, <a4j:commandLink>, <a4j:poll>and<a4j:support>etc. we can use that to send Ajax requests from the client side.

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