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Partial view updates

We can use the render attribute to specify which components to render for an Ajax update. The render attribute can point to an id identifier of a specific component to update. Components can also be identified through the use of Expression Language (EL).

The render attribute accepts the following keywords:

Keyword Function
@all It is used to update every component.
@none It is used for no components are updated.
@this It is used for requesting component with the execute attribute is updated.
@form It is used to update the form that contains the requested component.
@region The region that contains the requesting component is updated. Use the <a4j:region> component as a wrapper element to specify regions.

We should use the <a4j:outputPanel> component by setting ajaxRendered="true".

The <rich:message> and <rich:messages> components are based on the <a4j:outputPanel> component and as such will also always be updated. To override this behavior, use the limitRender="true" setting on the requesting component.

// index.xhtml



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