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Rocket Movie Review

The Rocket is a small-town tale based on events about a high school football star with a terrible injury and losing his whole life plan. The weight of losing his status as a "football star" and his connection with his father forced him to look for other opportunities to succeed.

Rocket Movie Review

Despite being unable to participate in any sports and being an improbable runner, the high school cross-country coach musters the courage to add the young guy to his squad. He discovers a new method to advance toward greatness after much difficulty, uncertainty, and resolve.

The Rocket combines the themes of family, grief, failure, and redemption with vibrant characters, young insights, and a nostalgic narrative. The narrative was based on individuals and occasions in the Midwest in 1999.

The Rocket is an inspiring tale about using failures to become stronger and find a new purpose. Josh (Brady Tutton), a talented teenage football player, is forced to give up his sport after suffering a terrible concussion, much to his father's dismay (Carl Ciske). Josh's life journey is now focused on the finish line because Keith, the cross-country coach at his school (Richard Blake), has given him support and encouragement. Keith and his new squad educate him about running and discipline, and he also has a lot to offer the team from his football expertise.

The film depicts the perpetual ups and downs of teaching and learning. It is what turns The Rocket's gears: Richard Blake, a writer, director, and actor, shows a keen understanding of relationships and how they can both strengthen and weaken one another. Josh is more connected with his father than a mentor because of his overwhelming use of the "strict father" characteristics. Josh always tries to make a good impression on him. With Coach Keith's help, Josh discovers he must convince himself of himself.

The Rocket offers a wealth of knowledge and lessons. It is upbeat and energetic all around. Younger viewers should be advised that it does include some harsh language. In the film, there is some prayer and spiritual guidance.


Rocket Movie Review

In Rocket, Josh Davis (Brady Tutton) has spent his whole life practicing to be a football player. He has put in a lot of effort, been committed, and has done so mainly because he loves his dad and wants to succeed in making him proud. Josh is motivated to succeed as he starts his first year at Central High, where his dad is the coach. Sadly, their dreams end after falling off because of injury.

Josh is fortunate to have survived a significant head injury, but he will never be able to participate in contact sports again. Josh is shocked, as is his father, Robert (Carl Ciske), who has overreached his expectations for his son's success.

When Keith Olson (Richard Blake), the cross-country coach of Central High, needs a seventh member to get his team into the competition, fate steps in. Coach Olson suggests Josh pursue long-distance running, in part. After all, he views it as a solution to his issue, partly because he recognizes a young guy in difficulty. With some hesitation at first and in the face of mockery from other students, Josh decides to give running a go using the abilities and work habits he's built.


Rocket Movie Review

This low-budget movie is compelling due to Brady Tutton and Richard Blake's emotional performances and just the right amount of tension despite the apparent conclusion. It's a classic sports tale in which a likable guy on a path to greatness encounters an enormous challenge and generates the courage to surpass expectations. It also works.

The only negative aspect is what appears to be a created, forced conflict between a father and son. Forgiving a father like Robert Davis is brutal, cold, enraged, self-righteous, and self-absorbed. Children will appreciate this tale and possibly learn something about putting in the time.

Rating: 3 stars

Awards and Nomination

  • 2014 Tiantan Award Winner for The Rocket's Best Visual Effects
  • Kim Mordaunt, nominee for the 2014 FCCA Award for Best Director

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