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Rocketry Review

Star hero Madhavan has long envisioned working on the rocketry-The Nambi impact. The film is a biography of Nambi Narayanan, a former ISRO scientist, and aeronautical engineer. Let's examine how it does after the film is available.

Rocketry Review


Nambiar Narayanan, a well-known Indian scientist, is the subject of Rocketry. The movie has two zones as its settings, and Madhavan plays the part of Nambiar. While the first half demonstrates Nambi Narayanan's development as a scientist, the second half is devoted to how the renowned researcher was accused of disclosing confidential information about India's space program. The rest of the movie is about how the CBI detains the scientist, struggles to prove his innocence on his own, and finally triumphs.

Bonus Points

Rocketry Review

Without a doubt, Madhavan is the movie's heart and soul. He debuted as a director with this movie and produced his best work. After acting in so many commercial movies, Madhavan expertly assumes the role of Nambi Narayanan and delights the audience with his appearance and demeanor.

Simran plays a significant part in the movie and is one of its pleasant surprises. Her emotional outburst, appearance, and how she expresses herself at important parts give the movie a lot of depth. The movie's supporting cast is well cast since they all serve appropriate roles.

Suriya, a superstar, makes a surprise appearance and adds many dimensions to the movie's conclusion. Finally, Nambi Narayanan, a magnificent man, had a small but excellent acting role at the conclusion. Madhavan did a good job of portraying the moments of the inquiry and how the scientist dealt with criticism.

Negative Points

The movie is a biopic with a serious theme. Therefore, this movie is only for some people looking for commercial content. Since the story is about an aeronautical engineer, director Madhavan should have focused more on laying out the idea in greater depth throughout the movie's first half. The movie's first half is slow-paced and has a docudrama-like quality.

Technical Details

Regarding technical factors, Madhavan has ensured that his movie is excellent. Sirsha Ray's outstanding camerawork beautifully captures the historical drama. Sam CS combines excellent production qualities with riveting BGM, which lifts several sequences in the second half. The language and dubbing are both acceptable in Telugu.

In terms of the movie, actor-director Madhavan did an excellent job. He has effectively described a crucial component of the scientist's existence. The observing experience may have been increased if the first half had been better. However, Madhavan does well for a first-time director.

Star Performance

Rocketry Review

Considering that R. Madhavan has created Rocketry beyond the scope of his abilities, there is no way that he could have accepted anything to happen wrong, at least not from his end. Even though the actor has to portray many ages, he can keep our interest and belief throughout. You can see him exerting himself while wearing large prostheses in one area. He deserves to be noticed because Maddy puts up a great show.

Simran portrays Meena, the wife of Nambi Narayanan. To put it simply, the actor is great in every way. Nambi maintains coolness in the face of the most horrific situations while allowing you to sense the depth of the family's pain. After a while, a character who initially seems stereotyped becomes incredibly complex?more praise for the excellent writing.

The remaining individuals all work diligently to build a genuine and lived-in reality. Many talented performers play essential roles that are nearly unique appearances.

Direction and Music

As a filmmaker, R. Madhavan is like a river that never stops. Each plan or path predates his course. But it's also to his advantage. The actor concurrently films two different versions of the movie, which must be a difficult feat for some people to do.

As a filmmaker, he chooses to spend less time on information already known by the viewer. He makes intelligent use of Shah Rukh Khan to achieve this. He compels him to repeat well-known occurrences while being careful not to look uninterested.

He should have ruled out any hints about the crucial things that would happen. He includes clear visuals that appear to be prophesying the future. It is how he connects two scenes that break the mood. Although it has some extraneous moments, the music is generally uplifting. Behne Do undoubtedly set out a way to stir up emotion, and it does it brilliantly.

Audiences Opinion

Generally speaking, Rocketry-The Nambi Effect is an emotional drama about the agony one of India's well-known scientists went through after being referred to as a traitor. The major strengths of this movie are Madhavan's one-person performance and the captivating second half. If you can get over the first half's slow pace, this movie is acceptable and deserves a chance for its honest creation.

Critic's Rating: 3.5 stars Award and Nomination

Critic's Rating: 3.5 stars

Award and Nomination

  • Madhavan, winner of the Best Director IIFA Award in 2023
  • The IIFA Award nomination for Best Male Playback Singer in 2023 is Aditya Rao.

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