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Romancham Review

Romancham (Goosebumps) is a funny and scary movie by Jithu Madhavan. It stars Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu, Siju Sunny, and Abin Bino in the main roles. This is Jithu Madhavan's first movie as a director. In 2023, Romancham became one of the most popular Malayalam films. It made a lot of money, and the critics liked it too.

Romancham Movie Details

Romancham Review
Directed By Jithu Madhavan
Written By Jithu Madhavan
Produced By Johnpaul George, Girish Gangadhara, Boby George
Starring Soubin Shahir, Arjun Ashokan, Sajin Gopu
Edited By Kiran Das
Music By Sushin Shyam
Release Date 3 February, 2013
Cinematography Sanu Thahir
Language Malayalam
Country India

Romancham Review

In the opening scene of "Romancham," Jibin Madhavan, played by Soubin Shahir, is shown partially waking up in a Bangalore hospital's ICU (Intensive Care Unit). A week later, he learns that he has been battling meningitis. He is informed that he cannot receive visitors because of his condition. The doctor firmly states that Jibin cannot leave the ICU until his vision improves, despite Jibin's insistence to meet his friends or move to another room.

Jibin is anxious because he needs to talk to his friends about something important and is eager to see them. To persuade the nurse in charge of his room to let him move, Jibin, who is restless, lies to her. But the nurse recognises his deceptions and is unmoved. Jibin is committed to seeing his friends as soon as possible. Jibin tells a story about a recent encounter with something supernatural in response to the nurse's question regarding the cause of his urgency.

On the city's outskirts, seven friends reside in a peaceful neighbourhood. The home residents are Jibin, Rivin, Niroop, Shijappan, Mukesh, Karikuttan, and Soman. To live good lives, they all make every effort. The other people need help to make enough money; only Rivin and Karikuttan work full-time jobs. Niroop is awaiting a job offer from an IT company, hoping it will improve his life. They have been close friends for a long time and manage to live simply despite their different circumstances.

The fact that the guys are naturally messy makes the house untidy, which irritates Niroop. To ensure fairness and avoid having one person handle all household chores, he divides them among the group. The rest of the group is initially opposed to this plan, but they must accept it if they want to carry on sharing a home. Niroop is sick of having to lead by example and direct everyone else's actions. He wants them to be in charge of small jobs. Rivin handles the finances for the house, while Niroop handles decision-making.

The boys frequently get together in the evenings to play handball, but Jibin feels excluded because he isn't good at it. Frustrated, he deflates the ball one day and goes to a friend's house. While there, he comes across a group of people holding a sťance with an Ouija board in an attempt to communicate with a spirit. Jibin gets an idea from this and brings a carrom board back home to simulate a sťance for the group. The desire to participate in enjoyable evening activities and to feel like he is contributing to the family is his primary driving force.

Rivin, who is fervently religious, refuses to engage in anything related to the occult because he views it as the work of the anti-Christ. Being devoted to his beliefs, he opposes anything that contradicts his spiritual principles. The men decide to keep him out of their Ouija board sessions to try and communicate with spirits and get clarification on their issues. They don't have other hobbies or employment, so this is a way to pass the time and keep their minds off their boring days at home.

Aside from Jibin, who initiated the activity, all religious symbols are kept by the men in Rivin's room to ensure the sťance's success. The other participants take the sťance seriously and hope a ghost will speak with them. However, Jibin and one of his roommates, Shijappan, start moving the glass on the Ouija board to persuade the other participants that the sťance is successful when no spirit appears to be responding. For her to feel important in the family, Jibin desperately wants the sťance to succeed. Although Niroop is the one who makes decisions in the household, Jibin goes to great lengths to appear to be bringing the group together.

Sadly, Anamika had foreseen the demise of a man named Matthew. When they worriedly checked on him, the boys were relieved to discover their friend Matthew unharmed. But their scepticism grew when their neighbour's father, Matthew, tragically passed away. Even Rivin, who is typically dubious about such things, started having blackouts and confusion as he returned from work. Since they began playing the sťance game at home, strange things have begun to happen. They chose to enlist a friend who was an expert at the game, hoping to find a fix, but nothing changed.

Since Niroop is the decision-maker in their household, they all support his choice to end the commotion brought on by Anamika and the Ouija board. They had grown weary of Rivin's troubled thoughts and the constant arguments they had seen. They concluded that removing the Ouija board was their only option to stop all the bizarre and unsettling occurrences.

However, since the Ouija board is no longer present, Jibin's friend Sinu Solomon (Arjun Ashokan) moves in with them due to a recent episode that none of the family members can comprehend. They ask Jibin to allow Sinu to stay with them temporarily so that he can experience a change of scenery. Jibin is good friends with Sinu, a straightforward and innocent youngster. However, as long as Sinu stays with them, his actions seem increasingly odd. Before someone physically shakes him, he talks to someone in the middle of the night and spends much time staring at walls. As soon as Jibin and his friends become aware of his peculiar behaviour, they avoid him.

Jibin and Niroop are awakened in the middle of the night while sleepwalking by Sinu, who points out Anamika's former residence. This incident extremely shakes up Jibin and Niroop. After this strange incident, the rest of the group persuades Jibin that Sinu should permanently move out of their home. Even Niroop, who is typically dubious, thinks that Sinu's actions are too alarming to ignore and agrees that Sinu should leave the area immediately. Sinu agrees to Jibin's request to leave their home politely.

Because Sinu is no longer there, Anamika's ghost can wreak havoc on their home again. Their daily lives start to include strange and unexpected events regularly. As one of the housemates, Karikuttan loses his job at the petrol station. The ominous events get worse. This unfortunate incident occurs when Rivin, during one of his episodes of getting lost, inadvertently causes Karikuttan to fill another person's petrol tank with diesel. Uncertainty surrounds the precise reason for Karikuttan's attention deficit. Everyone at home begins to feel the effects of these occurrences, and they all believe that since they started playing Ouija board games, something strange has been going on. They are heavily burdened by their sense of exhaustion and the suspicion that their situation is strange somehow.

The men reach a breaking point and desperately look for a way to leave their haunted house because of the constant chaos and unexplained events. Jibin experiences a high level of anxiety and distress during this time, leading to a severe fever that ultimately turns into meningitis. Jibin's health suffers under the weight of their concerns.

The men reflect intently on the haunted house's nature and individual struggles. They wonder if their problems started after playing with the Ouija board or if the house was always haunted. They wonder if their interactions with the board have aroused Anamika or provoked her, causing her to haunt them nonstop. Their growing sense of dread and helplessness is exacerbated by the mystery surrounding the cause and persistence of the haunting.

Anamika's presence appears to cause trouble, refusing to relent and providing no respite for the hounded men, despite their efforts to find a way out and its effect on Jibin's health. Jibin is hospitalised after his condition deteriorates and needs proper medical attention. Jibin gradually improves due to the therapy, and eventually, he is taken to a room for additional healing. He shares an intriguing experience with the nurse caring for him while he is there. Jibin recalls that as his fever peaked and he started to lose consciousness, he saw the ghost of a woman slipping into his bag.

Jibin is in the hospital surrounded by his worried friends in the movie "Romancham"'s concluding scene. Jibin summons the strength, despite how weak he is, to ask his friends to get his bag. To his surprise, he finds out that Sinu has come back to town specifically to help him recover and will bring the bag to him. Jibin is relieved and comforted by Sinu's return as he makes the difficult recovery journey.

Even though it's still unclear whether Jibin's encounter with the spectral figure was real or merely a hallucination brought on by his high fever, it still serves as a chilling reminder of the eerie and paranormal things that have happened throughout their interactions.

The fact that there is no longer cause for concern due to Anamika's potential presence in the house comforts the group of men. Even if Anamika had existed, they contend that Sinu's presence would have neutralised any unfavourable effects. The men must deal with no significant incidents or commotions during Sinu's stay with them, which relieves their troubled lives.

The audience can anticipate gaining a deeper understanding of the underlying factors that contributed to the string of unsettling incidents in their Bangalore home as the story progresses into Part 2. It is anticipated that more will be learned about Sinu's significance and relationship to these incidents, shedding light on the long-term ramifications and solving the mysteries that have permeated their lives.

Part 2 promises to clarify and answer the causes and effects of the paranormal events that have affected men's lives. This will guarantee an interesting conclusion to the narrative and provide a deeper understanding of the events.

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