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Rorschach Movie Review

Learning about the characters in Rorschach's minds and personalities through the Rorschach test can be fascinating. This test may yield insightful results because many have complex emotions and thoughts. But at first glance, it appears that Mammootty's character, Luke Antony, is the one who exhibits signs of mental instability. He seems to be battling with fictitious foes and sees things that aren't there. His arrival in the community close to the forest adds to the intrigue surrounding him, especially in light of his unusual behavior.

Mammootty is back with another antagonistic character after his new movie "Puzhu," which he previously starred in. Luke Antony is a man whose desire to take revenge for the death of his wife. He will do extreme and unimaginable things to ensure he exacts revenge on those who killed his wife. The plot of Nisam Basheer's film may initially appear straightforward; however, it is more nuanced. It crosses into various genres, has many layers, and is technically difficult. There are significant family-related themes and a focus on the characters' thoughts and feelings, occasionally even exploring supernatural elements.

In 2022, Mammootty's production company, Mammootty Company, released the suspenseful and enigmatic film "Rorschach" (Rorschach Test). Nissam Basheer wrote and directed it. Mammootty, Sharafudheen, Jagadish, Grace Antony, Bindu Panicker, Kottayam Nazeer, Sanju Sivram, and other accomplished actors appear in the film. The movie's music was written by Midhun Mukundan, and Nimish Ravi served as the film's director of photography. The story's central character is an NRI businessman with a dark past and a quest for vengeance against someone who has wronged him severely.

Rorschach Movie Details

Rorschach Movie Review
Directed By Nissam Basheer
Produced By Mammootty
Written By Sameer Abdul
Starring Mammootty, Sharafudheen, Jagadish, Grace Antony, Bindu Panicker, Kottayam Nazeer, Sanju Sivram,Asif Ali
Music Midhun Mukundan
Edited By Kiran Das
Cinematography Nimish Ravi
Release Date 7 October, 2022 (India)
Distributed By Wayfarer Films
Language Malayalam

Rorschach Movie Review

A businessman from Dubai named Luke Anthony travels to Kerala with his pregnant wife, Sofiya. They, unfortunately, have a car accident as they travel through a forest. Luke discovers Sofiya is missing when he awakens and immediately alerts the neighborhood police. After looking into the matter, the police conclude that a tiger killed Sofiya. Luke chooses to look for her on his own, though. During his investigation, he meets Balan, who just so happens to live near the forest. Balan informs Luke that his son Dileep used to reside there but was recently killed in an accident.

Balan, the father of two families, leaves his first wife, Seetha Balan, and their young son for his second family. He sells the house to Luke and takes the money with him. However, Balan is later found dead, and the money is missing. When questioned by the police, Balan's younger son Anil and his first wife Seetha claim they do not know about the house sale or the missing money. Luke decides to stay in the house as a retreat. He discovers that Dilip killed Sofiya during a break-in. Although Luke cannot seek revenge against Dilip in person, he starts feeling Dilip's presence in the house. With confirmation from Dilip's mother, Luke gathers the strength to seek retaliation.

After meeting Shashankan, the husband of Balan's daughter, Luke, and Shashankan decide to look into Balan's passing and the missing money. When prompted by Luke, Shashankan declines to give him the cash. Shashankan discovers later that the money is gone and that his storage space has been set on fire. It is discovered that Luke stole the cash and lit the fire. After learning of Balan's intention to leave his family, Anil confesses, on Shashankan's advice, that he killed Balan and kept the money in the storeroom. Anil and Shashankan break into Luke's home to get the money that night. Luke can take them down, but they get away with the cash.

Anil needed assistance and had a problem. Luke decided to assist Anil's family financially. Luke also managed to persuade Sujatha, Dilip's widow, to consent to the merger of their businesses and to take over Seetha's ownership of the cashew nut processing factory. Sujatha concurred though she was moderately pleased.

Sathisan began to believe that Luke had harmed Ammu, who serves as Luke's helper and for whom he has feelings. Because of this suspicion, he even attempted to harm Luke. Sathisan, however, later learned that Luke had given Ammu cash as a token of appreciation for her friendship. Sujatha turned down Luke's advances when he tried to flirt with her while he was in the hospital. The skull from Dilip's dead body had been stolen, Sujatha discovered later.

Even though Sujatha didn't want to be married to Luke, Luke's mother permitted the union. Luke was instrumental in persuading Seetha to shut down Sujatha's factory after the marriage. Ashraf, a police officer, started looking into Luke's past. He was made aware of Dileep's bad deeds and the consequences for Luke. Ashraf and his friend Shafi concluded that Luke wanted to exact revenge on Dileep's family, but since Dileep was already dead, he was now focusing on them to cause them pain.

Ashraf asked Seetha for a bribe to shield Dileep's reputation after learning that his family might still have money left over from the theft of Luke. She poisons his drink and orders Anil and Shashankan to bury him in the backyard. Sujatha turns away from Luke after he irritates her. Sujatha is furious with Dileep after finding out about his improper behavior. She hates him so much that she becomes so enraged that she starts a fire in the factory.

Seetha confesses to Luke that she instructed Dilip and Anil to act improperly to increase their financial gain. Because Seetha was the one who instructed her sons to commit these crimes, Luke is aware that she needs to be punished. Anil attempts to harm Luke at his home with the assistance of his friends, but Luke ends up defending himself and unintentionally hurts Anil. During the chaos, Seetha can flee. Sujatha informs the police about what Dilip and Anil did. Shashankan informs everyone that the family has murdered Ashraf, a police officer. Luke turns himself in to the authorities, and Seetha is also detained.

Luke believes he has finally brought Sofiya's murder to justice and has eliminated all evidence linking Dilip to his crimes. When he learns that Seetha committed suicide while incarcerated nearby, he is relieved. In the film, it is demonstrated how an obsession can completely take over a person's life. The tale's protagonist is Luke, who visits a neighborhood to look into a missing wife. But as the story goes on, we discover more about the residents of the neighborhood and their dark secrets. The film does a good job of staying true to its name and emphasizing a distinctive aesthetic. It blends various genres and has some flaws but it is intriguing and holds our interest.

Even though we thought the story was over, a scene near the end of the movie hints that there may be more to come. Many films have this happen, but it doesn't add much excitement. In the next-to-last scene, a character named Sharafudeen speaks over the action and clarifies some points about Luke's actions that we were unsure about. This is a better way to end the film than attempting to leave us on a cliffhanger.

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