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Ruby on Rails Features

Rails 5 was launched on 18th September 2015 by David Heinemeier Hansson in Atlanta. Some new features were implemented in Rails 5 version.

Some features are listed below:

  • Symbol garbage collector
  • Module #prepend
  • Keyword arguments
  • Action Mailer
  • Action view
  • Turbolinks
  • Action cable
  • Actionpack Assertions
  • Rails API
  • Render from anywhere
  • Rake command
  • Customized library
  • AJAX library

Symbol Garbage Collector

Passing symbols opens the possibility of several attacks in your system. The symbol garbage collector collects the symbols which prevents your system from several attacks.

Module #prepend

It allows you to insert a module in front of the class it was prepended.

Keyword Arguments

It supports keyword arguments which helps to reduce memory consumption by Rails application.

Action Mailer

New methods deliver_now or deliver_later are used instead of #deliver and #deliver!.

Action View

Helper methods like content_tag_for and div_for were removed from the core and moved out to a separate gem.


Sometimes web pages reloads very slow because it loads full page from the server. Turbolinks 3 reloads only the content of the body, it doesn't reloads the whole page.

Action Cable

It is a framework which is used to extend Rails via Websockets to add some functionality. It very smoothly integrates Websockets with the rest of the Rails application. It allows you to easily add some real time features to your app.

ActionPack Assertions

The assertions assert_template and assigns() are deprecated and moved into its own gem.

Rails API

It allows you to generate API and cleans all the middleware which is not necessary for an application.

Render From Anywhere

Earlier we used gem render_anywhere to render views outside controller. In Rails 5, you can render your views from anywhere.

Rake Command

Rails 5 provides you a feature which allows you to restart all your apps with the rake restart command.

Customized URL

Search engine friendly URLs can be developed in Rails.

AJAX Library

Rails provide you an extensive library of AJAX functions. The associated java scripting required for AJAX gets generated automatically.

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