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Rails File Upload

We can upload a file in Rails through file uploading. We will learn how to upload a file in this tutorial.

Let us see an example of file uploading through Rails.


Step 1 Create a Rails application called upload.

Step 2 Change your directory to upload.

Step 3 Install the following gems.

Step 4 Go to the Gemfile in your directory and add the following gems.

Step 5 Run the following command.

Step 6 Create a model with two strings as name and attachment.

Step 7 Migrate your database.

Step 8 Generate the controller file in your application.

Step 9 In this step, we will create an uploader through carrierwave gem.

Step 10 Now open the app/models/resume.rb model file and write the following code.

Step 11 Go to config/routes.rb file and write the following code.

Step 12 Go to app/controllers/resumes_controller.rb file and write the following code.

Step 13 Add bootstrap in app/assets/stylesheets/resumes.scss file.

Step 14 Go to app/views/layouts/application.html.erb file and write the following code.

Step 15 Go to app/views/documents/index.html.erb file.

Step 16 Go to app/views/documents/new.html.erb file.

Step 17 Now start the server.

Step 18 Run this link on your browser http://localhost:3000/

The following page will appear in front of you.

Rails File uploading 1

Click on New Resume.

Rails File uploading 2

Click on Save button. Your document will be uploaded.

Rails File uploading 3

To download this document, click on Download link.

To delete this document, click on Delete link.

Rails File uploading 4


Download this example

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