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Ruby on Rails 5 Hello World Example

We will create a simple Ruby on Rails 5 program displaying Hello World. Ruby on Rails 5 program is quite different from Ruby on Rails 4 program.


Text Editor: You can use any text editor which is suitable for you. We are using Sublime Text editor which features many plugins.

Browser: We are using Ubuntu default browser, Mozilla Firefox.

Hello World Example

Step 1 Create a directory jtp in which all the code will be present and will navigate from the command line.

Step 2 Change the directory to jtp

Step 3 Create a new application with the name helloWorld.

You will see something as shown in the below snapshot.

Ruby On rails 5 hello world example 1

A helloWorld directory will be created in your system. Inside this folder there will be many files and subfolders which is actually the Rails application.

Step 4 Move in to your above created application directory that is helloWorld.

Step 5 Rails 5 has no longer a static index page in production. There will not be a root page in the production, so we need to create it. First we will create a controller called hello for our home page.

Ruby On rails 5 hello world example 2

You will see something as shown in the above snapshot.

Step 6 Now we need to add an index page.

In file app/views/hello/index.html.erb, write

Step 7 Now we need to route the Rails to this action. Edit the config/routes.rb file to set the index page to our new method.

Add the following line in the routes.rb file,

Step 8 Now you can verify the page by running your server.

Ruby On rails 5 hello world example 3

By default, Rails server listens to the port 3000. Although you can change it with the following command.

Step 9 Visit click here in your browser.

Ruby On rails 5 hello world example 4


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