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Rails Save Record into Database

We can save data into database using Ruby on Rails. Let's see an example to save data of a form into database.

Step 1 Create a new Rails application.

Step 2 Change your directory to login.

Step 3 Create scaffold from the console.

Step 4 Migrate your database.

Step 5 Go to Gemfile and uncomment the following line.

Step 6 Run the following command:

Step 7 Go to app/controllers/users_controller.rb and write the following code in create method.

Step 8 Go to app/views/users/index.html.erb file.

Step 9 Go to app/views/users/new.html.erb file.

Step 10 Go to app/views/users/_form.html.erb file.

Step 11 Start the Rails server.

Step 12 Run it on localhost.

Rails Save data 1

Click on New Use to add a new user.

Rails Save data 2

Click on Create Use to add a new user.

Rails Save data 3


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