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Run airodump-ng

In this step, we will run airodump-ng to see all the devices that are connected to a particular network and collect more information about it. Once we have a network to the target, it's useful to run airodump-ng on that network only, instead of running it on all the networks around us.

Currently, we are running airodump-ng on all the networks around us. Now we are going to target the network BS1A-YW5 whose BSSID is 50:C8:E5:AF:F6:33. We are going to sniff on that network only.

To do this, we will be use the same program. The command will be as follows:

Run airodump-ng


  • --bssid 50:C8:E5:AF:F6:33 is the access point MAC address. It is used to eliminate extraneous traffic.
  • --channel 11 is the channel for airodump-ng to snif on.
  • --write test is used to store all the data in a file named as test. It is not mandatory, you can skip this part.
  • wlan0 is the interface name in Monitor mode.

After execution of this command, the following devices will be shown:

Run airodump-ng


  • BSSID of all the devices is same because devices are connected to the same network
  • STATION shows the number of devices that are connected to this network
  • PWR shows the power strength of each of the devices
  • Rate shows the speed
  • Lost shows the amount of data loss
  • Frames show the number of frames that we have captured

After executing this command, we have 3 devices that are connected to the network BS1A-YW5 and all the devices have the same BSSID as 50:C8:E5:AF:F6:33.

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