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Saina Movie Review


The biopic film "Saina" tries hard to please audiences but falls short in eliciting emotional reactions. The film lacks an overarching emotion to bind it together, leaving viewers wondering why scenes aren't working for them. Despite a commendable commitment to the subject matter, the movie failed to leave a lasting impact on its audience and got 3.4 stars out of 5 by the audience.

Saina Movie Review

"Saina," the sports biopic about Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal, lacks consistency and falls short in balancing action and drama. The film struggles to find a clear focus, resulting in an awkward viewing experience.


The movie "Saina," is based on the life of Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal. It seems that the film follows a typical Bollywood sports drama formula and makes obvious points about Nehwal's career being inspiring for women in India. The film about Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal shifts focus halfway through, exploring the challenges she faces as a champion athlete. The movie delves into her rocky relationship with her coach, creating convincing drama.

The mother in the film is portrayed as a harsh taskmaster, which leads to exaggerated and uncomfortable scenes. However, this characterization is not sustained throughout the movie.

"Saina" features Parineeti Chopra as the real-life protagonist who sacrifices her childhood for a dream but is let down by tonal patchiness. While parts of the film are theatrical and blustery, it has moments that are salvaged by psychological realism and an authentic depiction of Saina Nehwal's sport.

The badminton scenes in the film are well-made and strung together to form the main part of the story. The cinematographer and editor contribute to creating an authentic, exciting rhythm for these sequences.

In the film, Saina wins two gold medals at the Commonwealth Games in 2018 after a comeback. She is now seen as an underdog and addresses journalists upon her return home.

It is a biographical film on Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal, finding fault with its clichéd and unconvincing portrayal of her rise to success. The narrative relies heavily on flashback sequences and fails to engage the audience or media in attendance during the character's interview scenes.

In "Saina," they highlight the early life of Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal, giving credit to her parents for instilling a resilient attitude in her. The movie focuses on her mother, Usha Rani Nehwal, and her father, Harvir Singh Nehwal move from Hisar to Hyderabad due to his job as an agriculture scientist.

Manav Kaul's performance in a Hyderabad badminton academy elevates the film, with his character enforcing strict and straightforward rules for promising players. Breaking any rule results in immediate expulsion from the academy.

The film "Saina" features Kaul playing the character Rajan, who is based on Pullela Gopichand. The movie accurately portrays Saina's parents and Parupalli Kashyap her supporter but fictionalizes other characters.

U. Vimal Kumar, the former national coach of India, is portrayed as Jeewan Kumar in the movie "Saina." The character is the head of a Bengaluru academy where Saina moves after her fallout with Rajan.

Saina's conflict with her coach Rajan is attributed to her brand endorsement deals, which take away from her practice time. The coach disapproves of athletes becoming ambassadors for products and expresses his opinion, leading Saina to leave the academy.

The rupture between mentor and ward coincides with a career slump that is aggravated by a severe ankle injury that threatens to end Saina's run at the highest level of the sport.

They discuss Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal's struggles with injury, a strained relationship with her former coach, and her determination to make a comeback in the sport. The climax of the movie shows Saina facing off against a Spanish opponent in an effort to redeem herself and end on a positive note.


The movie "Saina" struggles to find a successful balance between being dull and overly dramatic, preventing it from significantly impacting the film's overall quality. Howerver, the movie "Saina" features strong performances from Parineeti Chopra and Manav Kaul and impressive badminton scenes. However, the film ultimately falls short due to various flaws, according to a review by The Hindu.

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