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Salesforce Editions

  • Salesforce provides bundles of features and services that are specific for the different business needs. These bundles are known as Editions in Salesforce.
  • Each edition provides the software with the same look & feel, but all editions differ by the price, functionality, and features.
  • The edition is the type of salesforce instance, which determines what functionalities are available.
  • Each salesforce edition offers different licenses to the organization that allow them to access to different platform's functions. As every edition provides different functionality and license; hence the companies must know each edition with their functionalities to better use the platform.
  • The companies need to opt for the edition that best suits their businesses to get maximum profit. If the wrong edition is selected, it might be insufficient to fulfill all the business requirements or massive spending on the advanced features that are not needed.
  • The edition can be easily upgraded from one version to another as per the business requirement.

Note: We must choose the edition wisely because the application developed on one edition may not work on another edition due to the non-availability of features or some governor limits.

Types of Salesforce Editions

There are five types of Salesforce Cloud Editions. These Editions are given below:

  1. Essentials Edition
  2. Professional Edition
  3. Enterprise Edition
  4. Unlimited Edition
  5. Developers Edition

The below diagram explains the graph for all editions(except developer edition) as per the business complexity and customization needs.

Salesforce Editions

1. Essential Edition

Essential Edition is the basic edition designed for small businesses who want to run their business on the CRM system quickly. It provides the proper setup assistant to get started with the system to the users. It helps the user with the assistant of using the UI and various administration tools to customize the business applications. The pricing for the essential edition is $25 user/month.

The essential edition provides the default features to fulfill the needs of direct sales. It includes the following features:

  • Account, Contact, Lead Management, and Opportunity Management
  • Mobile Access of Salesforce CRM
  • Sales Process Automation with the help of Process Builder.
  • Service Console Apps
  • Case Management
  • Lead Assignment and routing
  • Duplicate blocking
  • Customizable Sales process.

Functional Limitations of Essential Edition

  • It does not allow the midsize and large businesses to customize the solution with the code.
  • It has limited sales automation capabilities.
  • Third-party system integration also not possible.
  • It does not allow the features for the management of contracts, orders and quotes.
  • Creation of user profiles, roles and permission sets are not possible in this edition.

2. Professional Edition

The professional edition is the advanced edition that is mainly designed for businesses that require more CRM functionalities, security, and customization. It provides easy to use customization tools. It also includes the integrations and administration tools to allow small or midsize application deployment. It means this is the first edition that allows the companies to perform any development work on it. It allows us to create the two user profiles per Org, two user roles per org, and permission sets. But these are limited options for the mid-sized organization.

The professional edition is well suited for mid-sized organizations with only one sales department with upto 60 team members.

The pricing for the professional edition is $75 per user/month.

It contains the essential features, including with the following features:

  • Lead Registration and Rule-based lead scoring
  • Sales orders
  • Products and price books
  • Collaborative forecasting
  • Case milestone tracker
  • Store and manage any number of contacts
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Provides the Person accounts
  • Sales console App
  • Forecasting Mobile App
  • Unlimited Custom Applications
  • Developer Sandbox
  • Lightning Sync

Some Missing Features of professional editions are given below:

  • Salesforce Web Service API for development integration with third-party is possible, but it requires more than 25 USD per user/month.
  • The enterprise Territory Management feature is also missing, which manages the group of accounts and sales reps as per the territorial criteria.
  • Opportunity team and opportunity split features are missing, which are the two crucial features for the small-mid sized organizations.
  • No access to Apex, Visualforce, Workflow Automation, approval access, custom profiles, and full sandbox.

3. Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition is designed to fulfill the requirement of large and complex businesses. It provides access to all platform's functionality, which includes the advanced tools for the customizations and administrations.

This edition enables the organization to access the Salesforce APIs so that the developers can integrate the applications with the back-office systems.

The pricing to access all the functionalities of EE is 150 USD per user/month. It is one of the most popular salesforce editions among the companies that is most beneficial for the customers. Mostly the developers and administrators want to work with the enterprise edition, as it provides all the required functionality for the development and end-users.

It provides all the features of Profession edition, including the below features:

  • Access to Apex and Visualforce
  • Workflows and approval automation
  • Product and Price books
  • Sales Territory Management, accounts, and sales teams
  • Offline access to the CRM
  • Custom Opportunity Fields in Forecasting
  • Opportunity Splits
  • Web Service API with no additional Charge
  • Unlimited Record Type
  • Unlimited Roles and Permission
  • Advanced Reporting Features.

4. Unlimited Edition

The unlimited edition maximizes business success and extends it across the entire enterprise through the Lightning Platform. It is the flagship solution for the, and also includes all the features of Enterprise edition with full premium support. It provides access to unlimited online training, over 1000 admin services. It allows us to develop unlimited custom Applications and creating custom tabs and objects.

The Unlimited Edition is available with a price of 300 USD/user/month.

The unlimited edition is the best option for the enterprise-level organization with multiple sales departments with more than 250 members.

Features of Unlimited Editions

It includes all the Enterprise Edition Features including below features:

  • 24*7 Premium Support and configuration Services
  • 2000 Database Object
  • Completely Customizable mobile capabilities
  • Access to unlimited mobile development sandboxes
  • Access to a one-to-one coaching session with salesforce Expert.

Functional Limitations of Unlimited Edition:

  • With Unlimited edition, one cannot create more than 2000 custom objects, 800 custom fields per object, 200 report types, and 500 validation rules.

5. Developers Edition

The developer edition allows the businesses to access to the Lightning Platform and APIs. It helps the developers to extend Salesforce, integrate with other applications, and develop new tools and applications.

It is the free edition mainly provided for the development and deployment on the platform. It provides excellent tools for the testing/training on It is a type of basic Enterprise Edition with minimal storage.

Note: Salesforce does not provide the developer edition's technical support, but one can take help from the salesforce developer community after registering on the lightning platform developer website.

How to upgrade the Salesforce Edition?

The Salesforce Edition can be upgraded if it does not fulfill the business requirement, or if someone wants to extend its business capabilities.

To upgrade the edition, one needs to contact the salesforce account executive or Salesforce consulting company. We need to pay the difference in the amount between the current edition and the edition we are upgrading.

How to Check the Current Edition?

The Salesforce edition decides the features and functionality available in the org. We can check the current edition by checking the Organization Edition on the Company Information Page.

Follow the below two steps:

  • From the Setup option, enter the Company information in the quick find box, and choose the Company Information.
  • The Organization Edition will appear in the lower right of the screen. It looks like the below image:
Salesforce Editions

As we can see in the above image, the edition is Professional Edition, and as per the editions, the features of the org vary.

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