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What is the full form of SAP

SAP: systems, applications and products

SAP stands for systems, applications and products. SAP is a leading software company Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany founded in 1972. ERP software are developed and maintained by SAP. It is basically a software supplier. SAP deals in public sector, banking sector, healthcare, education and service industry.

SAP full form


The journey of SAP started in 1972 by five IBM Engineers named Dietmar Hopp, klaus Tschira, Hans Werner Hector, Hasso Plattner & Claus Wellenruther. Its first client was the German branch of Imperial Chemical Industries where they developed a mainframe program for payroll and accounting, and called it a real-time system software. SAP?s first commercial product was SAP R/98. In 1993, SAP teams up with Microsoft. Bill Mcdermott is the current CEO of SAP.


SAP partners include Global Software Partners, Global Services Partners and Global Technology Partners. Extension partners (Their products are certified, supported and sold under SAP) include Adobe, CA Technologies, GK Software, Hewlett Packcard, IDS Scheer, open Text, Redwood Software, Vistex Inc. Insync Techfin Solution Ltd. Meridian Global Services, knoa Software, Nakisa Inc. ICON-SCM, MabkOffice Associates, Prometheus Group and SmartOps.

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