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Sarpatta Parambarai Review

The movie "Sarpatta Parambarai" is written and directed by Pa. Ranjith. He is known for his socially conscious films and has garnered critical acclaim for his work in the Tamil film industry. Shanmugam Dhakshanraj produced the film under the banner of Neelam Productions.

Film Introduction

Sarpatta Parambarai is a well-directed, well-written, well-acted, engaging, and action-packed boxing movie. This film is almost three hours long. But despite its three-hour long run time, you will not feel bored. The movie is filmed in such a way that it will fill you excited with its incredible suspense and climax. It was released on 22th July 2021. As the name suggests, it is a Tamil film based on a boxing drama.

Along with this film, another film based on Boxing was released then. The movie's name is Toofan, in which Farhan Akhtar played the lead role. India is a cricket-loving country. Making a movie based on Boxing is a risky activity for the maker. Hindi and Tamil version of the film was released at the same time. Let us now discuss the story of the movie.

Sarpatta Parambarai Review

The Theme of the Movie

The movie's universal theme will be set in every condition, regardless of language. The theme is an underdog turning into an unlikely hero, falling from grace, and fighting against all odds to reclaim its lost glory. The movie shows the political interference in the fight between two local clans, Sarpatta and Idiyppa Parambarai.

Story of the Movie

According to Bharat Talkies, Sarpatta Parambarai depicts the 1970s in the Northern region of Chennai, India. The Movie starts with labor working in a factory. His name is Kabilan. Kabilan, a member of the Sarpatta club, and other workers meet his coach Rangan in a room where he explains the technique of the first attacking punch and wins the match in the boxing ring. Bell rang, and Sarpatta Club's boxer won the first match with just two punches, and respectively other matches of the first round were also in favor of Sarpatta Club. Vembuli, one of the best boxers, enters the scene. The match between Sarpatta club's main boxer and Vembuli started. In this match, the boxer of the Idiyappa club knockouts the Sarpatta club's boxer. Coach Duraikannu challenges Coach Rangan by saying that if Sarpatta Club loses the next match, they must shut down their club and never participate in Boxing again. Coach Rangan accepted the challenge.

Sarpatta Parambarai Review

Coach Rangan decides to replace the boxer in the next match. He selected Raman for the match but later realized that Raman did not have sufficient skills. A meeting was arranged to inform that Raman is injured so that Kabilan will fight on behalf of the Sarpatta club. Kabilan won an interesting and competitive match against Dancing Rose, a boxer from the Idiyappa club. In excitement, Coach Rangan enters the boxing ring. Vembuli also enters the ring and threat Kabilan that he will kill him in the next match. Kabilan practiced hard for the match against Vembuli.

On the match day, a huge crowd gathered to watch the match against two famous boxers, Kabilan and Vembuli, of two big clubs, Sarpatta and Idiyappa. As round four ended, police reached the venue and stopped the boxing match to arrest Coach Rangan because he belonged to a political party. Coach Rangan asks for a duration of time and delays in arrest so that at least the match can finish easily. Police agree with the request. The match continues again. Seeing this, Raman's uncle and his crew members started throwing chairs in the ring. Police arrests coach Rangan. In the process, Kabilan was injured. Coach Rangan's son Vetriselven shook hands with the opposition team because they assured him that Idiyappa club would help provide bail to Coach Rangan. Kabilan fought with Raman's uncle and went to jail. In the company of Vetriselven, Kabilan started drinking alcohol and doing illegal business.

In the next scene, Kabilan and Vetriselven await Coach Rangan to escape the jail. When a coach exits jail, he notices Kabilan is unfit for Boxing. He does not accept their welcome and leaves both there. In the morning, Kabilan hears that Vembuli has challenged him to fight. Listening to this, Kabilan contacted coach Rangan and asked for training. Coach Rangan denies the same by saying that a person cannot wear boxing gloves with the same hand by which he has used weapons. Kabilan's Mother directs him to a new trainer. He trains him so hard and so delicate. Kabilan also starts working hard and regains its stamina and shape on the morning of match day.

Raman's uncle sent goons to stop Kabilan from reaching the boxing ring. Vetriselven helped Kabilan to reach the boxing ring. This time Kabilan's Mother and his wife were also present there. Coach Rangan arrived late. In the first four rounds, Kabilan seems to be defeated by Vembuli. Then Coach Rangan motivates him to fight. He fights back with the same power he had in the last match with Vembuli. Now, the match reached the last round. In the last round of the match, Kabilan hits continuous punches on the face of Vembuli, and the last punch results in the knockout of Vembuli and Kabilan's win. The Movie ends here. In the end scene, Kabilan is shouting that he is the pupil of coach Rangan and belongs to the Sarpatta club.

Review of the Movie

Sarpatta Parambarai, a Telugu movie, highlights the craze of Boxing in the Telugu states. This Movie tells a story about the fight between two boxing clubs, Sarpatta and Idiyappa. Both clubs try to dominate themselves in Boxing and social terms. The Movie is filmed to look more like social dominance and power than just a boxing game. This Movie received an IMDb rating of 8.5 out of 10. A journal rates this Movie 2 out of 5 by saying that this Movie is a good movie among other boxing movies but could not excite and encourage the audience towards the boxing game. As is shown in the Movie, the two clubs are fighting with each other, not with the game spirit; Rather, they want to highlight their social and political standards. It is also shown in the film that Coach Rangan was linked to a political party. A coach must be entirely devoted to his pupils and the game, but Coach Rangan was involved in political activities, and the Times of India gifted the Movie 3 stars out of 5.

The Cast of the Movie

  • Arya played the role of Kabilan Munirathnam.
  • Dushara Vijayan played the role of Mariyamma (Kabilan's wife).
  • Pasupathy played the role of Rangan Vaathiyar (Kabilan's Guru)
  • John Vijay played the role of Kevin, Kabilan's Godfather and his father's friend (Daddy)
  • Vettai Muthukumar played the role of Thaniga, Raman's uncle
  • Kalaiyarasan played the role of Vetriselvan, Rangan Vaathiyar's son
  • John Kokken played the role of Vembuli.
  • Anupama Kumar played the role of Bakkiyam, Kabilan's mother.
  • Shabeer Kallarakkal played the role of 'Dancing' Rose.
  • Santhosh Prathap played the role of Raman.
  • G. M. Sundar played the role of Duraikannu Vaathiyar, Vembuli's boxing coach.
  • Kaali Venkat played the role of Koni Chandran.
  • Sai Tamil played the role of Meeran.
  • Sanchana Natarajan played the role of Lakshmi, Vetriselvan's wife.
  • Priyadarshini Rajkumar played the role of Missiamma, Kevin's wife.
  • Geetha Kailasam played the role of Rangan Vatthiyar's wife.
  • Paliya Joke Thangadhurai played the role of 'Tiger Garden' Thangam.
  • Maran played the role of Maanja Kannan.
  • Saravana Vel played the role of Gauthaman, Kabilan's friend.
  • Gajapathy played the role of Beedi Raayappan.
  • Kishore played the role of Munirathnam, Kabilan's father.
  • Gana Bala played an uncredited role.

Performance of the Lead Roles in the Movie

  • Kabilan Munirathnam: The role of Kabilan Munirathnam is played by a famous actor Arya. He has played the role of a boxer who represents the Sarpatta club. He works as a laborer in a factory. Later he joined coach Rangan to fight against Vembuli. Arya has performed excellent acting in playing the role of Kabilan. He has made great efforts to make pictures alive and practical. He always remained sincere to his coach and never disappointed him. He did not mock his coach when he was denied coaching and finally won the match against Idiyappa Club. The Movie shows how he ran from the match area when his friends mocked him by spreading false information that his Mother was coming to the ring to look for Kabilan.
  • Coach Rangan Vaathiyar: The role of Coach Rangan Vaathiyar is played by a famous Tamil actor Pasupathy. He is a disciplined and honest coach and completed all his coaching responsibilities. He never discriminates against anyone in terms of the pupils. An example of this can be seen when he does not choose his son for the match because he has anger issues; instead, he chooses Raman against Vembuli. He has links with political parties, which proved a disadvantage in his profession as a coach. A boxing match was disturbed because of him when police reached the boxing ring to arrest him.
  • Vembuli: John Kokken played the role of Vembuli in the Movie. Kokken has acted in several Tollywood and Bollywood movies before. His acting career is full of outstanding works. Vembuli is a boxer who represents the Idiyappa club. He is the only boxer who defeats every boxer in the Sarpatta club. He believes in fair play.


Overall, Sarpatta Parambarai is the movie based on the Boxing in which two different boxing club fights for their self-esteem and social dominance. The Movie tells the story of a boxer who is not a professional boxer, but the circumstances he faced inspired him to enter the boxing ring. The Movie shows the hard work and determination of a coach and his pupil that breaks the hierarchy of winning of Idiyappa club against Sarpatta club. Most of the media rate the Movie 3 out of 5.

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