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What is the full form of SAS

SAS: Statistical Analysis Software

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis Software. It is an integrated system of software products developed by SAS Inc. for advanced analysis, multivariate analysis, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics.

Full form of SAS

The development of SAS started in 1966 and continued till 1976 when SAS Institute was incorporated by Anthony Barr, James Goodnight, John Sall and, Jane T. Helwig. In the 1980s and 1990s, SAS became more advanced with the addition of new statistical procedures, additional components, and the introduction of JMP. It was further developed when a point-and-click interface was added in version 9 in 2004, and a social media analytics product was added in 2010.

SAS allows programmers to perform a wide range of tasks such as:

  • Retrieving information and data management
  • Statistical analysis, data mining and data management
  • Business planning, forecasting, monitoring, and decision support
  • Operation research and project management
  • Quality improvement and application development
  • Platform independent and remote computing, and more.

SAS is a powerful tool. It can read and understand any type of data and can also access data from any type of format and software. By using if-then statement, you can perform logical operations in SAS. You can run any statement in SAS in a loop, step by step, and the program is executed very quickly. In other formats, the ODS procedure is used to take the output, such as HTML, RTF, Excel, etc. Furthermore, the macro can be made from the SAS program to meet the research needs.

SAS Window:

The main windows in SAS are as follows:

  • Editor window
  • Log window
  • Output window
  • Result window
  • Explored window

Program is written in the editor window. Log window shows the program log file. The log file allows us to check the errors and correct them and rerun the program. The output and task window show the output. The files and the inbuilt of SAS are located in the Explorer window library. SAS programs run in two parts. The first part is the data step, and the second part is the proc step. In the data step, we create new data as well as we can modify the existing data sets. In the proc step, we can perform all the analysis.

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