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The movie Sashi has received a lot of marketing over the past few days. Aadi Saikumar, Raashi Singh, and Surabhi Puranik are featured in Srinivas Naidu Nadikatla's movie Sashi. Let's look at Sashi's tale.

Sashi Movie Review


A careless young man who is not at all serious about life is Raj (Aadi Saikumar). His brother Ajay (Ajay) is the one who bears the full responsibility for the family. Raj has a passion for music, and at this moment, he meets Sashi (Surabhi) and develops feelings for her. Even Sashi feels something for Raju, but she keeps it to herself. When Sashi finally confesses her feelings to Raju, the latter's companion dies in an accident.

Later, Raju learns that Sashi has left town. She comes to the town two years later but fails to identify him. However, the plot twist occurs when Raj becomes involved in Sashi's difficulties and his own when he runs into them. The film's plot centers on Raj and Sashi's struggle with these issues and eventual triumph.

Bonus Points

Sashi Movie Review

The actor, Aadi Sai Kumar, has performed well. He has significantly improved his performance with this movie. He had a lot of room to express himself in his performance, and Aadi did well in his character's numerous versions. Surabhi, the heroine, excelled and showed that she is more than just a gorgeous face.

Raasi Singh, again another heroine, performed admirably in her part. She performed admirably in all of the film's stressful moments. Harsha and Vennela Kishore, two comics, perform admirably in their parts. It's enjoyable to see Rajeev Kanakala and his on-screen persona. Significant scenes' use of emotion mainly works.

  • Aadi Sai Kumar's performance
  • College scenes
  • Climax

Negative Points

The movie's plot is decent; however, the second part of the narrative suffers. There are just too many sequences that feel forced and have a cinematic feel. Although there were plenty of opportunities for sentiment in the movie, the filmmaker focused more on pleasure.

Additionally, this argument point needs to be stronger and more underlined. The audience finds this rather dull because the emotions have no impact. Due to the slow pace, the audience becomes disinterested. The primary couple's character storylines may have been developed more effectively because they aren't compelling.

  • Narration
  • Slow pace
  • Climax

Technical Elements

The songs used in the movie were excellent, and the soundtrack was a major hit. Good conversation and a good BGM are both present. Along with the skilled camerawork, this movie has superb production qualities. Regarding the filmmaker Srinivas, while his narrator is tired and not so outstanding, his tale premise is brilliant. In the second half, several of the moments seem forced.


Sashi Movie Review

Aadi Sai Kumar does a respectable job as usual and is appropriate for the part. His character in this movie has a lot of different elements, and his part had a wide range for him to play inside.

Sashi Movie Review

Both Surabhi and Raasi Singh perform admirably in their respective roles. In all the tight situations, she looks terrific. Harsha and Vennela Kishore, two comedians, are acceptable. Following this, Rajeev Kanakala, Ajay, Jayaram, and others perf

Audiences Opinion

Sashi is a generally good romance drama with a good plot. However, the storytelling needs more enthusiasm, and the conflict needs to be stronger. The scenes appear forced and uninteresting as a result. The movie is passably enjoyable except for the key actors' strong performances.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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