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SASS: Installation and Execution

You have to install Ruby for executing the SASS files.

System Requirements for SASS

You have to fulfill the following requirements for executing SASS files.

Operating System: Cross-platform

Browser Support: IE (Internet Explorer 8+), Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera

Programming Language: Ruby

Install Ruby

To install Ruby, you have to follow the steps given below:

Go to the link ,you will see a page like this.

SASS Instasll1

Download the ruby stable version and run the .exe file.

SASS Instasll2

Select the language.

SASS Instasll3

Accept the term and conditions.

SASS Instasll4

Select the checkboxes. It will add ruby executable path automatically.

Click the install button.

SASS Instasll5 SASS Instasll6 SASS Instasll7

Installation complete. Now go to the start menu and open the command prompt with ruby.

SASS Instasll8

Enter the following line: gem install sass

SASS Instasll9
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