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What is the full form of SAT

SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test/ Scholastic Assessment Test

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. It is a general test for verbal and quantitative aptitude accepted by US college admission. This test is mandatory for admission in undergraduate programs in most of the universities in USA.

SAT full form

Course Structure

SAT includes sections like math, critical reading and writing to analyze your basic understanding to access and solve problems.

Some universities also require you to take SAT II test.

SAT- I: Reasoning Test: It is a three hour multiple choice test, used to test verbal and mathematical reasoning abilities. Most universities require SAT-I score for admission.

SAT- II: Subject Test: It is a one hour multiple-choice test, used to measure your knowledge of particular subjects and your ability to apply that knowledge. Some universities require it along with SAT-I.

Governing Body

SAT is owned and published by the College Board, a private non-profit organization in United States. The Educational Testing Service develops and administrates this on the behalf of College Board. The current SAT is introduced in 2005. This test takes 3 hours and 45 minutes to finish.

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