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What is the full form of SATA

SATA: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment

SATA is an interface used to connect mass storage device to the motherboard of a computer. It also Controls and transform the data from mass storage i.e; a hard-disk. The first version SATA 1.0 was released on August. SATA is an Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE). It is a replacement of PATA and is much better in use. Gradually PATA is disappearing as SATA gives a lot of advantage over PATA.

SATA full form


SATA uses a single bus to carry data unlike PATA which uses separate wires to carry data. SATA also offers higher speed then PATA and is more compatible to use. It also consumes less power in comparison to PATA and as a result produces less heat. SATA wire can extend upto 1meter while PATA can extend to 40cm only. One major physical difference is that SATA has two connectors, one for power and other to connect data. Whereas, PATA uses a large connector with a lot of pin for data and four pin to connect power.

Usage of SATA

  • To connect Hard Drive to Motherboard
  • To connect Hard Drive to Hard Drive
  • ATA and ATAPI Devices
  • ExternalSATA (eSATA)
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