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Satyaprem Ki Katha Review

Satyaprem Ki Katha is a romantic-drama movie depicting a problematic marriage. It is a 2023 movie in the Hindi language. Kartik Aaryan and Kiara Advani are the lead roles in the movie where Kartik portrays the character of "Satyaprem or Sattu," and Kiara portrays the character of "Katha." The film was produced together by Entertainment and Namah Pictures and directed by Sameer Vidwans. The movie was released in theatres on 29 June 2023.

Satyaprem Ki Katha Review

Story of the Movie

Satyaprem, commonly called "Sattu," is a Gujarati good-for-nothing, kind boy who is desperate to marry Katha, the daughter of a famous businessman, Harikishen. Katha is a Gujarati. When Katha's parents unexpectedly show up at Sattu's residence and request Sattu's hand in marriage, Sattu's fantasies unexpectedly come true. In his attempts to win Katha over and maintain his marriage, Sattu ultimately proves himself to be a good husband.


Satyaprem's life is far from perfect due to a failed law exam, lack of a job and friends, and continuous insults from his mother and sister at home, but no matter what, his toothy smile never fades. His only friend who truly understands him is his father. His father supports him when his son has a crush on Katha, an exceptionally beautiful woman who is not just out of his league but also has an extremely wealthy boyfriend. But Sattu discovers a hint of hope when his gossiping father, known as Panchayati Kaka, informs him that Katha's prem kahani (love story) with her boyfriend has come to an end permanently. Without pausing to inquire about the reasons behind her break up with her boyfriend, Sattu approaches Katha with his smile and unchanging love and confesses his love to her. A new chapter in his tragic one-sided love affair with the girl, who is hiding a significant secret, begins at that moment.

The opening of Satyaprem Ki Katha is excellent, presenting background on Satyaprem's life and his difficult situation. The interactions between the father and son are humorous, whether it's Narayan telling Satyaprem about Katha and her boyfriend's breakup or the two of them deciding how to respond to Katha's text message. The track on suicide attempts is fascinating. Once Satyaprem marries and Katha avoids him, the situation becomes even more suspenseful. After the intermission, things become more serious. Both Katha's disclosure and their rooftop talk are heartfelt. The Kashmir track makes audience members happy and emotional at the same time. The climax is both interesting and justified.

From what the viewers saw in the trailer, Satyaprem ki Katha isn't the kind of movie they would have predicted. This movie features some of the best actors from Gujarati and Hindi cinema. It is not a rib-tickling comedy; it is a hard-hitting, emotional story with a powerful message. The overall goal of the movie is to deliver a social message.

He is playing the simple Sattu, who thinks that "sach bolne se pehle sochna kya," Kartik Aaryan again exposes his heart and displays his toothy white smile more often than necessary. There is no doubt that Kartik's primary strength is to represent a relatable boy next door, and he does it incredibly well once more. Even with his jumbled Gujarati accent, it's simple to support him. It fits with his character as a stupid loser and is, however, lovable.

Here, Kiara Advani plays a more challenging part. The unspoken emotion in Katha's story has to be understood, and the actress perfectly captures the accent and spirit of the character. The best performance of her career, Kiara gives a superb and disciplined performance in a challenging part. The filmmaker Sameer Vidwans and his screenwriter give their women a voice by depicting an uncommon middle-class family in Ahmedabad where the women control the home and ensure the men are well aware of the non-patriarchal dynamic. The directing of Sameer Vidwans is excellent. The complicated matter at hand has been addressed correctly and fairly by him. Despite having a plot like this, he has subtly included commercial aspects such that they don't seem out of place. In the process, he gave the movie a more general appeal. It's beautiful to watch Satyaprem and Katha's romance evolve.

The message and the feminist component will be enthusiastically accepted by female viewers. Rajpal Yadav's appearance, which had immense potential to provide humorous comfort, is completely wasted. The Skilled character actors such as Gajraj Rao, Supriya Pathak, and Siddharth Randeria deliver their performances with complete sincerity. The soundtrack, composed by Manan Bhardwaj and Payal Dev, fits the story nicely and is highly musical. The controversial remade delivery of Shae Gill and Ali Sethi's classic Pakistani chart-topper "Pasoori," performed by Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar, has no lasting effects on the viewers. Cinematographer Ayananka Bose expertly captures the cosmopolitan yet traditional atmosphere of Ahmedabad.

On the other hand, the movie could have been shortened since it was too lengthy. Some of the information is unconvincing. For example, what made Satyaprem wait till the following Navratri before meeting Katha? Since she was in the same city, he could have tried to become friends at that time. While Satyaprem and his family members' occupations are known to viewers, Katha, her educational background, and her life aspirations are not at all mentioned. Last but not least, it appears forced to pay honor to Pyaar Ka Punchnama's dialogue.

The need to spread and deliver a message leads to Satyaprem Ki Katha. Although the content does leave an impact on the viewers and gives them a lot to consider, the movie often goes in a more emotional direction than an enjoyable one.

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