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Save Earth Essay

Earth is like our mother. It gives us nourishment to grow and breathes life into us and only requests love and compassion in return. Harmful human activity has harmed our planet Earth in many ways during the last few decades. Living conditions are deteriorating and natural resources are being depleted quickly.

Save Earth Essay

Landforms refer to several physical characteristics on the surface of Earth such as mountains, valleys, plateaus, etc. Humans use two different kinds of resources renewable and non-renewable.

Sunlight, wind, soil, and other abundantly available resources are examples of renewable resources. On the other hand, non-renewable resources are those which are scarce such as oil, gas, coal, forests, metals, and minerals.

Need to Save Earth

There are lots of human activities that are damaging the Earth and its natural resources. If it continues, the survival of humans will be difficult in the near future as we are largely dependent on Earth and its resources.

Human Activities Hurting Mother Earth

1. Man-Made Disasters:

We have used up most of the earth's non-renewable resources trying to satisfy our irrational desires and self-interests. As a result, not only have we used up all of these priceless energy sources, but we have also reduced the quality of life for all other living things. For instance, numerous oil wells have run dry due to meeting the fuel needs of the expanding population and the enormous number of automobiles. The depletion of natural resources like forests has increased the frequency of natural disasters like landslides due to a shortage of trees.

2. Air Pollution and Earthquakes:

The land has been continuously dug up and mined because of the excruciating demand for fossil fuels like coal and ores. This is one of the main causes of the numerous devastating earthquakes. In addition, the fumes and gases released by the burning of these fuels significantly increased air pollution and contributed to global warming which is not good for the Earth.

3. Deforestation

Similarly, there has been significant deforestation as a result of the growing need for land for housing, the construction of factories, and other structures. To clear the ground and erect houses, more and more trees are being cut down. There are a lot of detrimental impacts. The loosening of the soil brought on by deforestation increases the likelihood of flooding.

4. Species Extinction in the Flora and Fauna:

There is nowhere for wild creatures to live. They consequently have a higher likelihood of being hunted or killed. This is the cause of the extinction of numerous animal species. The survival of humans depends on smaller species like honey bees, butterflies, and birds. The number of sparrows and honey bees is decreasing rapidly because of the lack of flora.

5. Water Scarcity:

Reduced forest cover is to blame for poorer air quality and a disturbed water cycle. Drought is caused by a lack of rain, and farmers have a difficult time irrigating their crops. Again, this gives rise to more significant problems like a lack of food and clean water.

6. Utilization of Toxic Materials:

The pervasive reliance on plastic goods is nothing short of a curse. Its effects of it are now readily apparent. Plastic is not biodegradable, and it has spread throughout the world. The largest whale species, cows, and small birds have all perished as a result of its outcome.

Methods to Save Our Planet Earth:

Both rich and developing nations have started making some significant progress in addressing these serious issues. One of them is licence cancellation if a company doesn't adhere to the fundamental rules of eco-friendliness. Here are some initiatives to save mother Earth.

1. Afforestation

In this method, in order to replace the lost greenery, several trees are being planted on land without trees. It helps increase the forest cover. The judicious use of natural resources is also being emphasised.

2. Utilization of Renewable Resources

It includes using fewer plastic products, recycling the trash, driving eco-friendly cars, and installing solar panels to ustilize solar energy. To raise awareness among the general population, a great deal of advertising and catchy slogans are produced. If we really care about our planet, we must act quickly to cooperate.

3. Water Conservation

Our existence is based on water. Despite this, a large portion of the world's population lacks or has limited access to safe, clean drinking water. Men and women in various regions of the world travel several miles to obtain water for sanitation needs as well.

Never, under any circumstances, should water be wasted. Additionally, we must encourage the younger generations to turn off the faucet when not in use and to water the garden with kitchen waste water. However, you may keep some clean water in a bowl for the small birds, cows, dogs, and other animals during the heat.

4. Electricity Conservation

Saving power would benefit our planet and lessen its vulnerability because less demand would be placed on its natural resources. For this reason, on the final Saturday in March each year, people all across the world observe what is known as Earth Hour.

For one hour, people all over the world turn off all unnecessary lights to show their support for protecting the environment. Similar to this, Earth Day is also observed annually on April 22 to arrange a number of events highlighting the importance of conserving the environment.

5. General Public Awareness:

Today, the 3Rs idea is taught to students across all age groups. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are referred to as the 3Rs. In other words, we should limit our use and prevent any wasting of resources like gasoline, food, water, and power.

Materials like bottles, used pots, cloth bags, newspapers, wood, and old books should all be reused. Finally, recycle everything that is biodegradable and environmentally beneficial, including wooden items, fruit and vegetable peels, old papers, and textiles.


The health of our planet can be greatly impacted by the small actions that one person does. When feasible, stroll to the neighbourhood market. Use the stairs rather than the elevator. Organize a carpool with your friends or coworkers to drive you to work. Be kind to all living things. Plant at least one tree.

We should all take part in volunteer work and work to maintain a clean and green environment in our communities. Kitchen trash should be recycled rather than thrown away. Do not forget to schedule routine maintenance for your automobiles.

Encourage people to avoid using polythenes and other plastic products. When heading to the grocery store, bring a canvas bag. Encourage others to practise water conservation by themselves. Save the earth, mother!

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