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Savefrom is the best online platform that provides a service to download any audio and video file from major streaming websites and social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It offers various audio and video formats that users can download to their devices locally.

In particular, users must first copy the link from the source platform for the specific video and paste the respective link in the given input box on the Savefrom platform. After that, users must click the 'Download' button to fetch the available downloads.

Many other similar platforms are also available on the internet that offers almost the same features as Savefrom. We must be aware of some alternative platforms to because there may be cases when we may not be able to use Savefrom due to specific reasons. For example, the server may be down, download not available for searched video, slow downloading, etc. In such cases, we may try other alternatives to Savefrom.

Alternatives to

1. PasteDownload Alternatives

PasteDownload is a similar platform to Savefrom. It provides you with a free service of downloading videos from other sources in high-quality formats. The platform offers downloading videos from all the popular sources like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, the platform claims that the videos downloaded from this are completely safe.

The process of using the PasteDownload platform is the same as using other similar platforms. Users first visit the home page of it, paste the link of the source where the video exists, click the download button, and choose the desired format to save the corresponding file locally. You can also convert video to audio with the help of this platform.

2. YTGram Alternatives

Another popular alternative to Savefrom available on the internet is YTGram, also called YouTubeGram. With YTGram, you can download videos from several different platforms that are available on the internet, like Fb, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube and many more. The main difference between YTGram and is that YTGram is relatively easy to use and allows downloading content from supported sites by automatically generating links. As soon as the user pastes the source link of the specific video, information and downloading options are fetched immediately.

It provides the best quality of the downloaded video compared to the other sites. With the help of YTGram, you can download high-quality content up to 8k. It permits you to download videos without creating your account on the site, and it is a free downloading platform.

3. KeepVid Alternatives

KeepVid offers the same functionality that is offered by, and it also supports many sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, etc. With KeepVid, you can choose and download a range of video formats with different quality; even 4K is also available.

You can also convert video files into audio and further download the individual audio itself. One significant feature of this platform is that you can also download YouTube videos directly by just searching the video instead of copy-pasting the link. But, one drawback is that you can't download the whole playlist with just a single click. Each desired video must be downloaded separately.

4. Y2mate Alternatives

Y2mate is also a video-downloading platform, but one major drawback is that it only downloads YouTube videos. There is a significant restriction, but this website is excellent and easy to use. It provides a decent user interface and is ads-free.

For downloading the video, users must copy the URL of the YouTube video and paste it into Y2mate provided input column. Then, click on the 'Start' button, choose the quality of the video, and click on the download.

You may easily download YouTube videos directly from the YouTube website by adding 'pp' after the 'youtube' portion of the desired video's URL.

For example, users need to change or edit the following YouTube URL "" to ", and the downloading options will be displayed after browsing the new URL.

5. Free Video Downloader Alternatives

The Free Video Downloader provided by The Tech Learn is another easy-to-use alternative to However, it only downloads videos from a small number of websites. You can download videos from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit and Twitter. You can also download the audio with the help of this platform.

Video downloader provides a pretty much similar design to its competitors; you can easily download your video with the help of it if you are familiar with any of such platforms. It gives several audio and video formats, supporting good sound and video quality.

6. SuperParse Alternatives

SuperParse is also a great platform to download videos for various platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Reddit, Ted, Tumblr and many more. If you've already used, this video downloader will provide an excellent experience. With the help of this platform, you can easily download videos of different formats and quality.

The only drawback of this site is it does not provide high-quality videos to download. You can only download the desired video up to 720p quality.

7. Video Grabber Alternatives

Video Grabber is one of the best alternatives to It is free of cost and readily available on the internet; it provides a simple way to download the video. You can easily download the video and audio with this site's help. The process of using the platform is straightforward and similar to other alternative platforms. You must copy the link of the video you want to download, go to the video grabber site and then paste the link into the download box. A window will appear in the following tab with the fetched information and downloads. You can click on the respective download button of the displayed video, and your video starts downloading.

Video Grabber supports many sites to download the video. You can easily download the available videos on Facebook, Instagram and many more social media sites.

8. Instafinsta Alternatives

Instafinsta is one of the famous sites available on the internet that allows downloading of videos. But, there is one drawback. You can only download the Instagram video on this site; its main priority is Instagram. You cannot download the video from other sources.

But for Instagram users, it is one of the best sites to download reels and stories. Besides, the process of using and downloading the desired video from this platform is almost similar to its rivals. Users only need to copy-paste the valid links of Instagram and receive the download options.

9. VidMate Alternatives

VidMate is one of the best trending platforms to download videos from websites free of cost. Nowadays, it is not hard to download videos from online websites and other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. There are several sources. However, VidMate claims to be an ultimate platform that covers a wide range of platforms, and you can easily download the desired videos without any charge.

Talking of the VidMate, it provides users with several unique features compared to its similar platforms. It also offers an application for smartphone users. The design of VidMate is clear and straightforward, and it comes with a built-in browser and support for many languages. The VidMate app allows anyone to download videos from the internet immediately. It enables you to download videos in the resolution and format of your choice.

VidMate is a free-of-cost video downloading solution available on all platforms. You can easily download high-quality video, audio and images from the internet. With VidMate, you can also download many movies as the platform offers popular movies to watch online and/or download offline. Although it has its application, users are not forced to install it and can also visit the site to download the desired videos.

10. net Alternatives is also known as the best platform and alternative to It comes with several functions, and it is accessible to all major platforms via web browsers. You can access it quickly and use its services around the world for free.

A significant disadvantage of this platform is that it only allows downloading videos from Facebook. Users cannot download videos from other social media platforms or even from YouTube. However, if anyone looking to find an alternative to download videos only from the Facebook, it can be the best choice.

For downloading the video, users must go to the Facebook site, locate video, copy video link (or web page link) and paste in the column given on the home page of After that, users will have to click on the download button, and the video will start downloading.

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