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Science and Technology Essay

Science has played a huge role in revolutionizing humankind. Talk about any development from the stone age to the modern day, it has been done because of advancements in technology. Science is making people's life more comfortable. All sectors are indebted to the wonders of science be it Agriculture, business, transport, communication, or medicine. We have become more advanced socially and culturally. This is so because the world has achieved great heights due to the advancements in science and technology.

Science and Technology Essay

The very first discoveries in science were fire and wheel, and with these discoveries, era of science began. Electricity is one most important branches of technology. It is one of the basic forms of energy. It helps in lighting our rooms, in trams and trains, and is useful in irrigating the fields.

Science and Technology Essay

Growth in the transport and communication sector happened due to the discovery and development of energy sources like coal, petroleum, natural gas, and electricity. Science has turned the world into a global village. With the help of science, man has even reached the moon.

Boons of Science and Technology

  • Due to improved facilities of transportation, food grains can be delivered easily to the victims of famine. Medication could be transported easily to avoid epidemics.
  • Science has been a great help in the agriculture field too. Quantity and quality both have been improved. With the help of science, we can do an analysis of the soil, and can sow the crops accordingly. Science has helped in reducing manpower and improving machinery. We are able to grow different hybrid crops. Chemistry helps us in choosing pesticides that will enhance the quality of food. Advancements in technology have improved methods of irrigation. Today, humans have placed meteorological satellites in outer space which take pictures and send data about soil patterns to agricultural scientists. Satellites also tell us about, the progress of rains, winds, and locusts which could affect our crops. People can have beforehand knowledge of calamities like hurricanes which can cause heavy damage.
  • Medical sectors have improved rapidly due to advancements in technology. There is a sharp increase in the birth-to-death ratio, it's a result of better health facilities. Technologies have helped in the elimination of famines, and the control of epidemics. Life-threatening diseases like malaria and tuberculosis are treated successfully. Complicated treatments like heart- surgeries, organ transplants, etc are done easily. A number of killer diseases are now curable. Diseases like polio, malaria, and smallpox are nearly eradicated. Diseases in the human body that are visible to the naked eye can be detected using X-ray machines. Development in the medical sector has improved the life expectancy of human beings.
    Science and Technology Essay
  • Science also entertains people which has been one of the greatest achievements of technology. The twenty-first century is all about television shows, music concerts, and films, and it one of the merging sectors. Satellites have made it possible to watch sporting events occurring in any part of the world.
    Science and Technology Essay
  • Computers and the internet have made our daily life fancier, and have enhanced our lifestyles. We can communicate with people living on the opposite side of the world very easily.
  • Banks are accessible to remote areas, and automation of banks has provided relief to the public and staff. Travelling has become easy due to the ease of booking tickets. Railway sectors have become more convenient and efficient.
  • Mobile phones are one of the most important products of technology as it connects people.

India and Science and Technology

Science and Technology Essay

Science has helped India in evolving, and helped in tough times. In today's time, science has become the most basic source for creative and foundational scientific developments all over the world. Enhancement in science and technology also helps in boosting our economy. Science acts as an assistant to fields like Mathematics, Nuclear power, Astronomy, etc., and examples of this are available in our daily lives, such as Railways, mobile phones, metro system, and many more.


  • India is among one of the few countries that have nuclear power and ballistic missiles. Today, India is capable of launching GSLV satellites.
  • Chandrayan 2 is one of the latest achievements of India and it has been critically acclaimed all over the world.
  • Atomic clock is considered to be a sophisticated technology and ISRO is among the few space organizations to have acquired it. An atomic clock helps in precisely locating data.
  • Enormous superclusters of galaxies have been discovered by Indian astronomers, named "Saraswati" and it is considered to be a path-breaking discovery.
  • ISRO has made a record of launching 104 satellites on a single rocket, and it is the highest that any country has ever launched. Through this, ISRO showed its capability that it can handle complex missions.
  • Rocket GSLV-Mk 3 is considered the heaviest rocket launched by ISRO. Its engine was developed indigenously. It shows that India is turning itself into a self-reliant country. GSLV-Mk 3 was a game changer.
Science and Technology Essay

However, everything in this world has a negative side to it. Similarly, there's a flip side to science and technology too. " Science is a good servant but a bad master"; as a servant, it brings comfort to our lives, but when science is in the driver's seat it could cause massive destruction. It is capable of wiping out entire mankind in one go. Science is considered a blessing but sometimes man turns it into a curse.

Banes of Science and Technologies

  • Dynamite was invented by Sir Alfred Nobel. The motive of creating it was to clear mountains but man uses it to kill his fellowmen. The capabilities of atomic bombs were witnessed in World War 2 when the United States of America dropped atomic bombs on 2 cities of Japan, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki.
    Science and Technology Essay
  • It's very devastating that a high amount of national income of countries is spent on acquiring the latest weapons, bombs, and missiles. When guns, revolvers, tanks, fighter planes, explosives, nuclear bombs, etc were created, and their motive was to protect human beings but their misuse is putting lives in danger. Nuclear energy holds the power to eradicate the whole world in a fraction of a second.
  • Manpower and nuclear powers are old things, and biological war is the new trend. Countries have started stockpiling biological and chemical weapons. Biological weapons are as lethal as any other weapons or maybe even more.
  • Bio-technology if used correctly is a great boon in eradicating life-threatening diseases. But nowadays it has been used to create life-threatening diseases. Germs are released intentionally in air to spread diseases.
  • Excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides makes the food unhealthy. Unhealthy food leads to health complications. It is affecting soils too as salinity has increased and soil erosion is very common.
  • Pollution is another by-product of science and technology. Factories are being established in every corner of the world, which causes air pollution as the chemicals are released into the air, and water pollution is due to the disposal of liquid wastes in water bodies. Due to these reasons, the ozone layer is depleting rapidly and it causes global warming.
  • Television, mobile phones, and the internet are great sources of entertainment but they have their negative sides too. There are many programs and TV shows which promote violence and vulgarity. Children in their adolescent period adore these types of shows. Exposure to these types of shows may provoke them to commit shocking crimes. And not only teenagers, adults may also learn these and attempt cruel crimes.
    Science and Technology Essay
  • Pornography is another big issue that comes with technology. Porn promotes unhealthy practices. People who watch too much porn, have so many wrong ideas about sex. People spend hours in chat rooms to have obscene interactions. The Internet can also be used to ruin someone's reputation by spreading fake news. The Internet is also used to defame, spam, and phish people.


Just like a coin, everything has a flip side to it. It depends on us which side we want to be on. If our intentions are positive and we want to use science for a good cause it will benefit the world, bring comfort to the body, life expectancy will increase, and people won't suffer. But if we use science with false intentions, it would bring great discomfort to human beings. Remote is in our hands, and it depends on us which channel we want to see. If we use it correctly, it will bring perfection in the lives of human beings, and that's why we have to use it wisely.

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