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Scope of AI (AI Careers)

Fresher's should analyze their competencies and skills and choose a better AI role with the potential for upward mobility. The future scope of Artificial Intelligence continues to grow due to new job roles and advancements in the AI field. The various roles in an AI career are as follows:

Scope of AI
  • AI Analysts and Developers
  • AI Engineer and Scientist
  • AI researcher
  • AI Algorithms Expert
  • Robotics specialist
  • Military and aviation specialist
  • Maintenance and mechanical engineer
  • Surgical AI technician

The future of AI

The future of Artificial Intelligence is bright in India, with many organizations opting for AI automation. It is essential to understand the recent developments in AI to find suitable job roles based on your competencies.

The scope of Artificial Intelligence is limited to domestic and commercial purposes as the medical and aviation sectors are also using AI to improve their services. If AI is outperforming human efforts, then opting for AI automation will reduce costs in the long run for a business.

Automation in operational vehicles has created a buzz in the logistics industry as it is expected that automated trucks/vehicles may soon be used.

Due to the bright scope of Artificial Intelligence in the future, the number of AI start-ups is expected to increase in the coming years. Indicating the opportunities, the number of AI start-ups in India has increased significantly.

Moreover, India's talent gap for specialist AI developers is huge, and AI experts are needed by businesses more than ever. Businesses don't want to miss out on any technology that can revolutionize their business processes.

Jobs in AI

The name of the designation in the AI field may be different. Some of the top jobs in AI (India - 2021) are as follows:

Scope of AI
  • Computational Philosopher - A computational philosopher concerned with teaching human ethics and values in AI algorithms. For example, if a robot is being developed for household chores, it should be designed to listen and follow orders from its employer.
  • Robot Personality Designer - A dedicated Robot Personality Designer designs the digital personality of a machine/robot.
  • Robot Obedience Trainer - A robotic obedience trainer teaches the machine/robot to follow instructions and obey obstacles. With more and more robots being introduced in homes, military strategies, etc., the future of Artificial Intelligence is bright.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Infrastructure Designer - An autonomous vehicle designer develops digital interfaces that help them work independently. The scope of a bright artificial intelligence future can fuel the development of autonomous vehicles in various industries.
  • Algorithmic Trainer / Click Worker - They work with AI algorithms and train them to recognize instructions, emotions, moods, images, speech, etc. They train AI algorithms to interact with their surroundings and take appropriate actions autonomously.
  • AI Cyber Security Expert - An AI Cyber Security expert develops algorithms that can identify the theft/risk associated with the system and take actions to eliminate it autonomously. As new types of cyber attacks evolve every day, AI is being used in cyber security to detect them. The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI Cyber Security) is also bright in the Asia Pacific region.

The future scope of Artificial Intelligence in India

The adoption of Artificial Intelligence in India is promising. However, it is currently in its early stages. While some industries, such as IT, manufacturing, automobiles, etc., are taking advantage of the prowess of AI, there are still many areas in which its potential has not been explored.

The immense potential present in AI can be understood by the various other technologies included under the umbrella of AI. Examples of such technologies include self-improvement algorithms, machine learning, pattern recognition, big data, and many others.

It is predicted that hardly any industry will be left untouched by this powerful tool in the next few years. It is the reason why AI has so much potential to grow in India.

In this comprehensive blog, we have discussed some of the areas in which AI is being used:

Artificial Intelligence job opportunities

According to a report published by Forbes, AI job opportunities are continuously increasing at 74% annually. It is a no-brainer that today, AI is one of the most in-demand technologies, and it has an impact in almost every field. As a result, the demand for AI professionals continues to grow. As the number of job opportunities increases, it is the best time to explore your career in AI.

Below, we have compiled a list of different areas where AI is used or has immense potential to grow.

1: Banking

Banking is nothing new, thanks to the trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. The sector has rapidly adopted technology to keep up to date with the current market trends. It uses this technology to record customer data, which was previously a monotonous manual task.

With the rapid increase in the amount of data generated and stored in the banking sector today, Artificial Intelligence and ML allow professionals to do this accurately and efficiently.

How AI has made a significant difference in banking includes better customer support, enhanced data quality, fraud prevention, digital assistants, and more.

One of the most progressive sectors in the world today is healthcare. In the next section, you will read how Artificial Intelligence has affected this sector and how it will continue to do so.

2: Health care and medicine

According to one of the studies conducted by Forbes, the realm of AI can add value to life, as has already been observed over the years. The healthcare sector uses this technology to its advantage in several ways and constantly innovates.

Scope of AI

AI use case is the collaborative Cancer Cloud, developed by Intel and the Knight Career Institute. Cloud collects past data of cancer patients and other patients with similar diseases to help doctors diagnose cancer early based on the symptoms they have shown and compare them with previously available data. The best treatment for this deadly disease is to prevent it from reaching its advanced stage.

In addition, Eve, an AI-based robot built by a team of scientists from the top universities of Aberystwyth, Manchester, and Cambridge, discovered an element often found in toothpaste that can cure malaria. It is proof that Artificial Intelligence will play an important role in the medical field in the coming times.

AAI is also used in health care and medicine in other similar fields, such as drug testing, synthetic biology, etc. You can also be sure that AI will accelerate the process of scientific research and development, which may well aid this field.

Benefits of AI

AI has various uses in the modern-day scenario. Industries are using AI to automate processes, and better AI algorithms are being developed every day to speed up various industry processes/tasks.

Scope of AI
  • Automation- AI makes sense of machines to interpret the situation and take necessary action. Some tasks can be tedious, like checking papers, submitting forms, etc., and these tasks can be automated with the help of AI with minimal human intervention. Employees in an organization/industry can focus on their core responsibility, whereas AI can automate difficult tasks.
  • Speed- AI can do many things without stopping as compared to humans. In addition to automation, AI lets us complete work before the deadline, and work can be done outside working hours, and this reduces not only human labor but also provides great speed and efficiency.
  • Accuracy- AI reduces the chance of error as compared to humans. There are fewer errors because the machine will always act according to the fixed AI algorithm in every scenario. AI helps us define new boundaries of accuracy and precision with less risk.
  • Exploration- Artificial Intelligence has helped us to discover many unexplored places like volcanic sites, ocean floors, etc. Humans cannot visit these vulnerable sites because they cannot survive in those landscapes, and AI machines can visit such sensitive places and collect information.
  • Data Collection and Analysis - Data analytics is already a trending technology in the modern-day business world. Industries and businesses know the importance of analyzing large chunks of data and extracting useful information from it.

The various benefits of AI lead to different use cases and job roles in the market, which are beneficial for deep tech enthusiasts or those new to pursuing a career in the AI industry. The scope of AI in India is bright as firms need expert employees who can extract meaningful information from large chunks of data.

What are the risks associated with AI?

Are you aware of the risks associated with AI and how to manage them? A beginner should be aware of the potential risks associated with AI processes and how to deal with them. Some of the common risks associated with AI are as follows:

  • High Implementation Cost - Do you want to install chatbot software for your firm/business? The implementation cost of AI is high compared to setting up other technologies like cloud technology, database, etc. A subset of AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning also have high implementation costs. Why do firms still opt for AI despite the high implementation cost?
  • This is because almost every business has realized the future scope of Artificial Intelligence. Although its implementation cost is high, an AI setup can help you in the long run, and it is sure to save you money and resources by reducing the reliance on human labor in your organization.
  • Human Replication - It all started in 1950 when Alan Turing conducted the 'Turing Test' to define the ability to think in machines. Since then, the replication of human intelligence using AI has been constantly debated. The bright realm of Artificial Intelligence also comes with its risks which have to be handled by AI experts.

What are the applications of AI?

AI has its application in every conceivable field or area, and recent advances will only increase the application and relevance of AI in almost every field of human activity. As a beginner, you might think that AI is a newly developed technology, and AI has been under development for longer than you might think. Some of the top use cases of AI are as follows:

  • Speech Recognition - AI has helped us convert spoken words into digital text. Speech recognition has many uses, such as voice-enabled messaging, content writing, voice-controlled remotes, and devices. Speech recognition is also used for authorization and verification.
    For example, if an office is accessed only by authorized persons, speech recognition may match their voice and authority. If any unauthorized person tries to enter the office, they will be stopped as their voice sample will not match.
  • Natural Language Processing - NLP (Natural Language Processing) enables a system or machine to understand the human text. You must have heard about some major virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, etc. Virtual Assistants and Chatbots work on the principle of NLP and understand the emotion and mood of their users.
  • Image Recognition - Recently, a platform called 'MyHeritage' allowed its users to animate old photos. It uses AI and deep neural networks to animate faces in still photos, and AI can understand actions in video footage or still images. Image recognition has many applications such as facial recognition, fingerprint ID, self-driving vehicles, etc. Image recognition is also heavily used in the digital marketing space.
  • AI can sense stock market volatility and predict high-return stocks with greater accuracy than humans. The future scope of Artificial Intelligence in the finance sector is also expanding as cryptocurrency trading grows.
  • Robots- Have you heard of the new generation 'Sofia' robot? It is considered one of the most intelligent robots in the world. Apart from developing highly intelligent robots, AI has also helped create robots that can assist humans in routine tasks like cleaning, gardening, servicing, etc.

These were only the top use cases for AI in the current scenario. AI has many other use cases such as autopilot technology in vehicles, ride-booking services, cyber security, etc.


Recently, businesses have seen a massive exposure to AI and ML phenomena as they explore their application possibilities in various fields. For example, researchers began using machine learning to gain insight into the recent global pandemic that brought the world to a standstill.

When we talk about the combined scope of AI and Machine Learning in India, it is essential to recognize its application in the medical segment to track the spread of viruses, contact tracing, and even analytics for a treatment. Experts predict that as the vicious cycle of economic slowdown begins, India's demand for AI and ML professionals will increase. It is a positive indicator of the scope of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in India. Many IT professionals aspire to pursue a career in AI and ML technologies and look for ways to become and become AI and ML experts.

Even as the country witnessed massive job losses, machine learning and artificial intelligence jobs were the least affected. Businesses are already on the patch to create more robust virtual work environments, which has increased the demand for AI and ML professionals.

Advancements in technologies also fuel the future scope of Artificial Intelligence in India in subsets of AI such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning, etc.

You can opt for a course in AI from a reputed source to know more about the progress of AI in India.

From NLP to CNN (Concurrent Neural Networks), AI courses can give you a comprehensive understanding of the latest advances in AI. AI certification course by Aara Academy can help you understand the scope of AI in India better.

Also, selecting suitable job roles in AI based on individual competencies is important for the job seeker / fresher. Start building a successful AI career in India.

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