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Screen Components in Tally

When we start the Tally ERP 9 application, the welcome home screen of Tally will display on the screen during the Tally software loading on the computer system as follows:

Screen Components in Tally

After Tally software loading, the startup screen of Tally ERP 9 displays on the screen as follows:

Screen Components in Tally

The following components are contained by the home screen of Tally ERP 9:

  1. Title Bar
  2. Horizontal Button Bar
  3. Close Button
  4. Gateway of Tally
  5. Buttons Toolbar
  6. Calculator area
  7. Info Panel
  8. Data and Time
Screen Components in Tally

Tally Screen Components

Title Bar: This is used to display the Tally software that we are using.

Horizontal Button Bar: It helps to choose Keyboard settings, support centre, Language, Control centre, and Help.

Close Button: Click on this close button or use ctrl+m to close the Tally window.

Task Bar: It is used to display the task of Tally ERP 9.

Gateway of Tally: It is used to display the menu, screen, reports.

Info Panel: Information panel is used to display the license details, configuration details, and tally version.

Calculation Area: It is used for calculation functions.

Buttons Tool Bar: It is used to display the buttons that enable for immediate interaction with Tally. It can display only the buttons that are applicable to the current task.

Date and Time: It is used to display the current date and time.

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