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Selenium Limitations

  • Selenium does not support automation testing for desktop applications.
  • Selenium requires high skill sets in order to automate tests more effectively.
  • Since Selenium is open source software, you have to rely on community forums to get your technical issues resolved.
  • We can't perform automation tests on web services like SOAP or REST using Selenium.
  • We should know at least one of the supported programming languages to create tests scripts in Selenium WebDriver.
  • It does not have built-in Object Repository like UTF/QTP to maintain objects/elements in centralized location. However, we can overcome this limitation using Page Object Model.
  • Selenium does not have any inbuilt reportingcapability; you have to rely on plug-ins like JUnit and TestNG for test reports.
  • It is not possible to perform testing on images. We need to integrate Selenium with Sikuli for image based testing.
  • Creating test environment in Selenium takes more time as compared to vendor tools like UFT, RFT, Silk test, etc.
  • No one is responsible for new features usage; they may or may not work properly.
  • Selenium does not provide any test tool integration for Test Management.
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