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Selenium vs QTP

Selenium and QTP are the most frequent used automation test tools in the market. Hence, we have compared some of the features of Selenium over QTP.

Features Selenium HP QTP
License Open source tool Required
Customer support Dedicated HP support Selenium community forums
Test Support Supportsautomation only for web-based applications. Support tests on both web and desktop based applications.
Resource consumption during test scripts execution Low resource consumption High resource consumption
Supported programming languages Java, C#, Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP and JavaScript VB Script.
Supported Environments Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris. Only for Windows
Supported Browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, Safari, etc. Specific versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Object Repository/Recovery Scenario Absent Built-in object repository and recovery scenario.
Browser Controls None Controls like favourites bar, backward and forward buttons can be accessed within the browser.
Test Report Generation It relies on external tool for generating test reports. Built-in test report generation within the tool.
Parameterization You have to rely on any one of the supported programming language for parameterization. Built-in tools are available for parameterization.

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