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Selenium WebDriver- Features

Some of the most important features of Selenium WebDriver are:

  • Multiple Browser Support: Selenium WebDriver supports a diverse range of web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and many more. It also supports some of the non-conventional or rare browsers like HTMLUnit.

Selenium WebDriver Features
  • Multiple Languages Support: WebDriver also supports most of the commonly used programming languages like Java, C#, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Pearl and Python. Thus, the user can choose any one of the supported programming language based on his/her competency and start building the test scripts.
  • Speed: WebDriver performs faster as compared to other tools of Selenium Suite. Unlike RC, it doesn't require any intermediate server to communicate with the browser; rather the tool directly communicates with the browser.

Selenium WebDriver Features
  • Simple Commands: Most of the commands used in Selenium WebDriver are easy to implement. For instance, to launch a browser in WebDriver following commands are used:
    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); (Firefox browser )
    WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); (Chrome browser)
    WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(); (Internet Explorer browser)
  • WebDriver- Methods and Classes: WebDriver provides multiple solutions to cope with some potential challenges in automation testing.
    WebDriver also allows testers to deal with complex types of web elements such as checkboxes, dropdowns and alerts through dynamic finders.

Selenium WebDriver Features
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