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What is the full form of SENSEX

SENSEX:Stock Exchange Sensitive Index

SENSEX stands for Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. It is the oldest stock exchange in India which is also known as BSE-30. It is a free floating stock market index which uses free floating market capitalization method to reflect the position of companies in the stock market. It does not consider the outstanding stock of a company. Its calculation is based on the total number of tradable shares of a company at the time of calculation.

SENSEX full form

SUNSEX was introduced on January 1, 1986, by Bombay Stock Exchange. There are thousands of companies listed on BSE but to calculate SUNSEX only thirty companies are considered; the companies which are well-established, economically strong and involved in major business sectors. So, basically, SUNSEX consists of the stocks of thirty companies.

SUNSEX touched the four-digit figure on 25 July 1990 and the five-digit figure on 7 February 2006, for the first time. On 4 March 2015, it crossed the 30,000 points mark.

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