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Content optimization is a process of making your webpages more appealing to search engines and users. It is not only restricted to using best keywords in your pages but also focuses on various other parts of your website like the quality of content, broken links, title tags, meta tags, etc. Once your content is optimized the search engine can easily find and index your website and show up it in the initial pages of search results.

Focus on the following areas for better content optimization

Title Tag: It refers to the title of your page or post which is incorporated in the head of the HTML code of a page. It appears at the top of the page on the result pages or when you promote your page on social media. The title tags which are concise, accurate and relevant are considered best for content optimization.

According to SEO experts, an ideal title tag should be between 50?60 characters long, correctly describe the content on the page and must have targeted keyword at the beginning of the title tag.

Meta description: It is the information which Google displays on a result page under the title tag. It is a brief summary of the information contained in your page; users get a preview of the page before they click it. The meta description must contain the relevant keywords as search engine highlight it as descriptive text when a user performs a query using that keyword.

Try to keep the length of your meta description around 150 characters including spaces for better results. Meta description is written by you and if you don?t write meta description the Google will compose the meta description from the content of your page.

Meta keywords: You can leave them blank as since 2009 they are not in use. If you use them your competitors can get a clue about your targeted keywords. You can use them if your internal site search needs them.

Fresh content: Fresh and unique content appeals both the users and the search engines, so keep updating your site regularly to optimize your content. Add new pages, articles or update your existing content to reflect changes and updates.

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