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Images and Alt Text

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Alternate text or Alt text is a feature added to an image tag in HTML. It appears in a blank image box when the image cannot be displayed for some reason like slow connection, broken URL or user is using a screen reader.

Alt text is designed to optimize images for speed and SEO. It helps search engines know what an image is about as they cannot see or interpret images.

Image Alt Tag Example :

Some benefits of putting Alt Text are given below

1) If an image fails to load or does not render on a page due to any reason then alt tag will appear to tell what the image is about. It helps users understand what kind of image was there.

2) The search engines are designed to understand text on pages, not for the images. So, if your image is accompanied with alt tag the search engine will know from the alt tag what the image is showing and it will provide right images to the users.

3) You can include your main keywords in the alt tag if they are related to the image. It will improve your image search ranking for that keyword.

4) Alt tags are very helpful for visually impaired as they mostly use screen readers to browse webpages. Alt tag helps screen readers to identify and interpret what is being displayed in the empty box on the screen.

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