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SEO Optimized Domain Name

Some important instructions to optimize domain names:

1) Choose a .com extension: Most of the SEO experts believe .com is the best choice to end a domain name, i.e. users are more familiar with .com extension and most of the renowned websites also have a .com extension.

2) Choose suitable words: A domain name can be based on brand or keywords. If your brand is unique and popular you can incorporate it in the domain otherwise incorporate your targeted keywords that reflect your business.

3) Length: Shorter is better in Domain names as shorter URLs are easier to remember and there are fewer chances of spelling mistakes when they are entered in a browser window. The users also prefer to click shorter URL links on search engine result pages than the longer URL links.

4) Be relevant: Choose the right words that effectively communicate your message. The users must know from your domain name what kind of products or services you are dealing with.

5) Easy to spell or pronounce: It should be easy to spell and pronounce, so avoid hyphens, intentional misspellings or misspelled words.

6) Be unique: A unique name enables you stand out from the crowd, so try to create unique and distinctive domain names, e.g.,,, etc.

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