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RSS Feed Submission

RSS feed submission refers to the submission of RSS feeds to RSS submission directory sites to boost your search engine ranking. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary and sometimes also for Really Simple Syndication.

The RSS feed contains updates of your website, i.e. updated content, videos, images, links, etc. The users who are interested in these updates can subscribe your RSS feed that helps get more free traffic and backlinks. Thus, whenever a visitor visits your blog or page and wants to be notified when it is updated on your site then RSS feed is an ideal option.

RSS Feed Submission Benefits

  • The updated content or information quickly reaches the interested users. It helps retain your readers and increases credibility of your site.
  • The content would also attract new readers who are searching updates related to your content.
  • You can incorporate your main keywords or phrases in the RSS feeds that can improve ranking of your site.
  • Your site gains more popularity if you keep providing fresh and relevant content by submitting RSS feeds.

All these benefits are directly linked to quality backlinks and quality website traffic.

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