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Web hosting refers to a service provided by the web host to websites to make them available for the users on the internet. It gives you space on its server that allows you to post your website on the internet. Without a web host or web hosting your site can not be viewed by the users, so after making a site you will need a web hosting service.

The web host stores your website or webpages in high-powered computers which are known as Servers. When the users type your URL the internet transfers your website files from the web server to their computers.

Thus, Server and Hosting check is an important on-page optimization factor and you need to be very careful while choosing a web-hosting company.

A right hosting company doesn?t do anything special to boost your rankings but it is aware of SEO and will not do anything that can harm SEO of your site.

How a hosting provider can affect your SEO

SEO is a set of activities or factors that help your website gain more exposure to search engines. Some of such activities or factors are directly affected by your web hosting company, e.g. Speed, Uptime, Security and SEO knowledge.

1) Website speed

It is an important SEO factor that affects on page SEO, if your site loads fast the users will be more satisfied and there will be more conversions. A web host with adequate resources and better datacenter infrastructure and hardware can help improve speed of your site; you just need to have a well-coded site, optimized codes and images.

2) Website availability

It is another factor that affects on page SEO as search engines avoid redirecting users to unavailable sites. They can remove such sites from their index temporarily or permanently. It is the job of web hosting provider to ensue your website is available all the time otherwise it can harm your online reputation.

3) Website security

You should take every possible measure to secure your site and the hosting provider should also do the same thing. An unprotected site is more prone to hacking and malware infection and if any such thing happens it may result in domain blacklisting and de-indexing.

4) SEO knowledge

Your hosting provider must be aware of SEO and its basic rules so that they can identify the tasks that are not good for SEO and can avoid them.

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