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What is the Full Form of SHG

SHG: Self Help Groups

SHG stands for Self Help Groups. They are unofficial associations of people meeting regularly to discuss common issues. Self-help may suggest a focus on the individual, but a key aspect of self-help groups is the concept of mutual support?that is, assisting one another. Depending on the circumstance and the demand, self-help groups can fulfill a variety of functions. Self-help organizations, for instance, have been utilized successfully in the development sector to combat poverty, promote human development, and promote social empowerment; as a result, they frequently concentrate on microcredit programs and other sources of income.

SHG Full Form

There are different kinds of self-help groups established. Some of them deal with disabled people in the country. They take care of their health, education, activities, and mental stability. Forming a self-help group has proven to be the best method to help people with disabilities. It provides the family with the required awareness. They help disabled people to participate in community activities. They also help them to rehabilitate from their previous stress syndromes.

Self-help groups do not require help from the government. They are independently run and are regarded as unofficial organizations where people from diverse backgrounds come together for the sole motive of helping each other. They aim towards the betterment of society. They help people in dealing with their living circumstances. They help promote youth entrepreneurship and work to eradicate poverty from society.

SHG Full Form


Self-help organizations often share the following traits:

  • They have a volunteer character, are available to new members, and are administered by and for the group's members
  • Being created often in response to a specific situation, such as the lack of educational chances for children with disabilities or the scarcity of income-generating alternatives
  • Defined objectives that are recognized and shared by all members and stem from the demands of the group
  • Informal framework and fundamental norms that help team members cooperate together
  • A participative character that includes learning to assist oneself, helping others, and sharing information and experience.
  • Shared responsibility amongst group members, when each person plays a certain function and provides their fair share of resources
  • Making decisions democratically
  • Governing by members, only engaging an outside facilitator during group formation if absolutely essential;
  • Development over time to deal with a wider variety of problems;
  • The potential to band together to create a federation of groups covering a larger territory.
SHG Full Form

Some Common Considerations for SHG Membership

  • Women and men from very low-income families.
  • Those who rely on moneylenders for even basic needs.
  • Those whose monthly per capita income does not exceed Rs. 250.
  • Those who own dry land that is no larger than 2.5 acres.
  • Living in kutcha houses, not having access to clean water, having adults in the family who are illiterate, etc., are examples of typical living situations for the group members.

How do self-help groups work?

  • The group ought to convene often. The ideal meeting frequency is either weekly or at least monthly. If they often interact, they get closer and are better able to comprehend one another's challenges.
    SHG Full Form
  • Mandatory attendance: The SHG will be able to stabilize and get going quickly to everyone's satisfaction with full attendance at all group meetings.
  • The group is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the entries in the membership register, minutes register, and other registers. (Benefit: This makes it easier for you to learn about the SHG and fosters trust among the SHG members.)
  • The SHG keeps accounts.
  • It keeps straightforward, transparent books for all of your transactions.
  • The SHG may hire outside assistance if no member can keep the books. (It has been seen that a boy or girl from the village with some education performs this task cheerfully; after a few months, the group may even think about providing him or her a little compensation for this work.) An animator can be useful.
  • During the meeting, all registers and account books should be filled out. Members who are unable to read or write will feel more confident as a result.
  • Books to be kept by an SHG Minutes Book: In this book, the group's rules, member names, and other meeting details are documented.
  • Funds and Loan Register: Displays individual member savings as well as group savings. Here, information on specific loans, repayments, interest earned, balance, etc., is recorded.
  • Weekly/Fortnightly/Monthly Register: A rundown of payments and receipts that is updated at each meeting.
  • Individual members' passbooks are constantly updated with each person's ongoing savings and loan amount. (Benefit: this promotes consistent saving.)

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